Simpler Times

Last nigh my husband and I went out for the first time in a long while to the movies.  I wanted a night of relaxation and simple summer fun.  Went ot see the latest shark movie because what's the summer without Shark week right?
Anyway, before the previews there was filmed announcement about what to do in an emergency at the theater.  It told us where to run, to watch out for people who were suspicious, to watch who is around you.  I was livid!
What has our country become?  That was my first immediate thought.  It sickens me and causes me great anxiety to see how drastically we have changed.
I want to go back when our biggest fear was illness and not terrorism or bomb threats.  I want America to be great again and strong and wat to feel protected and feared and most of all respected.  I long for simpler days, for times when we weren't worried or preoccupied about our country's safety or natioinal security.
So here is wishing you quiet days of basking in the son and eating outdoors and enjoying the company of family and friends.  I wish you simpler times.
God bless our country.  Happy Summer.


After Many Many Months. . .

After A Wedding

After a long period of waiting . . . 

(Above, my daughter-in-law, Liddy)

She has arrived!
Meet Lenora Josephine.  Born June 18, 2016
Weighing at 6 pounds 1 ounce.
Mommy & Daddy are doing fine.


Small Moments

On Friday evening, my husband and I went to our local theater to see Steel Magnolias.   We are members of the playhouse and take advantage of the wonderful performances they have every year.   We are very blessed to live where we live.  Our farmhouse is located perfectly so that I can have the country life and setting that I want but also just travel a few miles into town to discover fabulous dinning, antiquing and experience the arts in so many ways.  Being originally from New York I wanted a country life but at the same time wanted to still feel connected.  I can happily say I have that and more.  Unfortunately my husband still has to drive every day to the city.  Being in the film industry can be very taxing but at the same time rewarding.  
Over the years I have been fortunate to have met many people that I have admired.  At times through my husband's work,  and other times by just pure happenstance. 
The play had an all star cast, each woman incredible and accomplished each in their own right.  But my excitement to see this show was truly because Susan Sullivan was appearing in it.  

I think the first time I saw her was in the mini series Rich Man Poor Man.  Maybe a few of my followers out their might remember the show but most of you probably don't because you're too young.  One of my favorite programs growing up was The Incredible Hulk, which Susan also starred in it.  Through the years she was a face one recognized and loved.  From her television appearances on daytime soap the Guiding Light, to sitcoms like Dharma and Greg to roles in movies on tv and and on the big screen like one of my favorites , My Best Friends Wedding.  Recently we fell in love with her as Martha Rodgers, Richard Castle's mom on Castle.
Well I'm sure I'm not even scratching the surface when it comes to the many theater projects, plays, movies and tv series she has appeared in over the years.  All I know is I never expected to have a photo and a moment with such an elegant and lovely lady.

After the performance I waited outside to see if I might be able to speak to Ms. Sullivan and tell her how wonderful she was in the role of Clairee.  My husband recently tore his MCL and was on crutches so he waited for me in the car as I waited outside.
And after a few more minutes, Susan Sullivan appeared.  She came right to where I was standing and could not have been more gracious and kind.  I asked her for permission to have a photo and she did not hesitate to comply.  So although I look like a fat cow, I am posting it.  I am very happy that I have it so I won't complain about how my blouse is twisted and I look like I'm grinning like a total idiot.  I wish my husband had taken it but unfortunately he was resting his leg and I had a gentleman offer to take it.  The first one is a little blurred but I like that Susan is looking at the camera so I'm posting it first.
The second one is much clearer but she is looking away.  I can honestly say she looks fabulous and truly has not changed.  Looks as beautiful and stylish as ever.
So now I have another special moment with a lovely lady I admire. 
It was a lovely play, a lovely night and a lovely moment I will treasure for a long time.

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