Sunday, July 19, 2015


SUMMERING [suhm-er-ing] /ˈsəmər-ing/, Verb

-the art of experiencing Summer to its fullness
-to frolic in all things Summer
-to bask and relax all through the summer solstice until the autumnal equinox with no shame
-to experience lazy days and all the riches that the season brings like:  berry picking, beach laying, sea glass searching, peaches and summer fruit tasting, star gazing, fire fly catching (and releasing), attending every possible bbq in a ten mile radius and throwing as many as you can, sun reading, limeaide drinking (no insult to lemonade lovers), lake /pond/ocean/stream visiting, taking long country drives with the windows down as you catch the wind with your arms, singing outdoors along with your favorite song, eating outdoors all the time, evening walks, walking outside, sucking on honeysuckle, breathing deeply the sweet scents in the air, picking a gardenia or a habiscus and placing it in your hair, wearing straw hats, walk barefoot on the grass and wear sandals at all times, feeding the birds, and the most important one, spend as little time as possible inside anywhere.

I hope you are enjoying, experiencing, practicing and living. . . 
the art of Summering!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry James

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Portrait Studies

I have always been facinated with art.  I love all mediums and types of art but painting is my favorite.  Watercolor, oils, acrylics they are all beautiful mediums.  I used to paint.  Now wait a second. . . before you get all excited I have to be honest.  I guess I should rephrase that and say " I used to think I could paint."
Yes I took still life, life drawing, charcoal study, art history classes in college and yes I worshipped Bob Ross and ordered my own kit to create "happy little trees', but truth be told, I was not great at it.
I'm better with still life. I mean I can draw and paint a wicked apple, or show a draped cloth on a table and work with shading lights and darks, but don't give me a subject to work on. I can do eyes and basic form but hands and feet and noses are horrible.
Remember my post about a trip to Knoxville and the beautiful portrait study I purchased that started my staircase gallery?  Well look at the latest I have included.
 I also added a Hinkley hanging lantern to brighten up my gallery.

My staircase is small and narrow but adding the portraits and light have given this tiny space new life.
Take the smallest space in your home and create something spectacular.

Friday, June 26, 2015

First World Problem - Part Deux

Thank you all who expressed their opinions, shared comments and helped guide my decisions pertaining to the infamous bathroom vanity.
So the consensus from everyone I consulted was to sell the old chest that I painted and either shop and wait for the right one to come or stay with what I had.  

A little back story:  The hall bathroom was originally my sons and parent's bathroom.  When we initially were remodeling I had the idea of using an antique piece.  When I suggested the idea to my mom (and this was B.P  - before pinterest) she said "I don't want that?  I don't want something old.  I want something with a lot of space."  After my parents both passed and my son married and my youngest went to college I started doing my re-evaluations.  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  When you stroll through each room doing mental re-assessments and mind furniture swapping of pieces in each room.   That's usually what gets me in to trouble.  
I still regret changing my son's room.  My oldest.  Remember the twin antique beds. (  I should have never done that.  

WARNING:  When your son or daughter get married, don't change their room for at least a few years.  I promise you.  You will regret it.  I must have had at least five or six good cries on those beds thinking I erased my son's memories. It was awful.  Not joking.

Another problem I have is that I am very impulsive.  Some people are impulsive at first and then don't follow through.  I follow through immediately.  They say you should wait ten minutes before you have a second helping of food and if you still want it then it's okay.  
I wish there was a rule for impulsive people like me.

Anywho. . . . Good News!!!!!!!!!!  
I have made a decision.  I will be selling the painted piece in my store.  I will not be purchasing the vanity I saw and posted about - the one stop shop all inclusive one.  

Big News!  Ready?????  Sound the royal horns please.  This Beauty is mine as of  9:45 pm last night.  

Isn't she a dream.  She is the Sam Heughan of chests.  (Outlander star, now that's another post entirely.)

I think it will go well with the mirror I purchased from Ballards.

Hmmm.  Lets see.   Let me put them together.  

So I already put myself on my carpenter's schedule for later this summer to come and work his magic.  I'm thinking white marble with an undermount bowl sink.  I'm using my existing faucet because I love it.  I wish to thank all of you for your wonderful advice.  I will post as soon as it is installed.  Even found a lovely painting for the bathroom.  I think the white marble and white walls will be a perfect contrast.  
Now off to the shore for a week.  
Happy Fourth of July!  
Happy Summering!