I've always had a love for Ranunculus.  The little flower that can never seem to keep it's head up.  It is not as extravagant as a Rose, nor is it as fragrant as a Peony.  It wasn't even named for its appearance but for the moist environment from which it comes from but the name does mean radiant and beautiful.  It is sometimes even overlooked or forgotten by many husbands in a rush to pick out a last minute bouquet.  For me, it is the quiet gem of the garden.   I like to think of myself like a ranunculus.  Not perfect, a bit clumsy and simple and although appears frail it is strong but once it's all put together, it can create quite the show.  ( I wish)

When I see them I think of my mother.  Although my mother loved and admired roses, she tended to enjoy these because of their simplicity in maintenance.  As we gardeners know, roses are the prima donnas of the garden.  But as for simplicity in the bloom, there is nothing simple about this magnificent layered flower.  The many circles of petals that create the bloom are outsanding and when painting them, just the flower can take hours to precisely duplicate  the intricacies in just one bloom.     I adore the shades of blush, pink, and mauve they can show in just one bloom. (Along with the many other colors )  When paired with other flowers and placed along the edges of the arrangement and along spots in between, the look is exquisite.  

During this week, one of the holiest weeks, I want to pay attention to details.  In my garden, in my home, and in my life and with all whom I may encounter.  I will pay close attention to detail.  Simple acts of kindness are details we forget but when applied to our daily lives, they can create a current of positive reactions.  Details that bring joy.  

Have a Blessed Passover & Easter my friends.


An Unexpected Gift From Beyond

I am a regular girl.  Who married an incredible man.  Even if I had the time I could not tell you the many times my husband has done something for me that has meant him tossing a lasso over the moon to get it for me.
Well this one gift is no different.
For those of you that have followed me for years, you know about my love for Farrah.  I have posted a few times in the past and often on instagram.
Well, get ready because I never would have guessed this would happen to me.

Heritage Auctions had recently published that they would be auctioning a few of Farrah Fawcett's personal items.  For those of you who are not familiar with Farrah's personal history, she had only one sister who died of cancer many years ago.  Her mother then passed and shortly after her own death her father passed.  Leaving Farrah with only two relatives.  Her son Redmond and her sister's son.  Well her nephew was the one who was selling her personal items.

To my surprise I stumbled while googling a table on auction, a listing for Farrah Fawcett's personal items.
I immediately thought this had to be dated back when she had passed.   I remember reading about several auctions that Ryan O'neal had been a part of done to benefit the Farrah Fawcett organization for cancer.   I was wrong.  This was an entirely new auction.  There were gowns and jewelry and shoes and personal appointment books etc.  One of the items was a this robe. There were actually two.  One that was from a movie set that was only worn for a scene and one that was her personal robe.  Her nephew had put it on the auction list.  As I continued to read about it I discovered that Calvin Klein had given it to Farrah as a gift in the early 90's and he had embroidered her name on it.  Her nephew said that it was one of Farrah's personal and most treasured items.  She had worn it for years and it showed the wear of daily use.

My husband had seen it and I had made a few comments about the robe and how I would wear it everyday if it were mine.  I remember him looking at me as if I were crazy.   I followed the website and checked in a few times a week.  I desperately wanted to see who would win that robe.
About a month later it was the day of the auction.  I was at work and he was at his.  I went on line but couldn't see anything about the auction because you had to register in order to participate and watch.     Aside from small ebay auctions, like an old painting or the occasional vintage furniture piece,  I've never participated in an auctionslike this one and couldn't imagine what it must be like.

After the time of the  auction came to an end,  I checked in and quickly saw the words below the photo of the robe.  It said  SOLD.
I imagined what it must feel like to inherit something like that from someone you admired that wasn't family or a friend.  Someone that famous to the world yet for years I have always felt like we would have been friends somehow if we had met and been the same age.

This sounds silly to some, but I have always been someone impressionable and rather star struck and will always be a dreamer.

That afternoon, feeling a bit sad about the robe being sold, I casually mentioned it to my husband.  He replied, yes he had seen that it sold.  I told him I hoped that whomever won the auction would treasure it forever.
I could hear silence on his end and then he said to me, well I hope you do.  I was the one who won it for you.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was.  I must have been in shock for about three days.  I kept saying to myself, your going to have Farrah's robe.  I couldn't believe it.  A week later it arrived.  As the description, it showed signs of wear and use.  It is soft and comfy and warm and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have it.  Life is unpredictable.  
I have only told a few people this story and I have been asked when I wear it, do I sense anything or feel anything different.  I honestly just feel comfy and warm.  But I do whisper a prayer every time I put it on, that she is in peace and that my hubby may know I love him forever.  


Home Tour Part 2

Here we are again for the second part of my house tour.
Want to clarify that the only reason I'm doing this is the same reason why I love to see other people's house tours on line.  To get ideas.  By no means am I claiming that my house deserves a house tour or that it is perfect.  Not at all.  Not even close.  Even with some of these photos as I look I think, I should fix that or paint this, etc.  But the same way that I copy, get ideas and re examine rooms, I want to give someone a chance to say, "hey I never thought of doing that, let me try."
Now that I said that, here we go.
Sunroom looking into the dining room.  We added this room.  It was not in the original house.
This is the view from the dining room to the deck.  Hung on the wall to the right is my bouquet from my son's wedding.  It's so brittle.  I hate to see it broken but bit by bit it's loosing it's petals.  Chair and settee both Ethan Allen.  I don't put a little table in the middle because it's a small room and sometimes if your cutting through to the kitchen it makes it hard to get around.  

View from the sunroom to the dining room.  

My dining room is very small.  Yet I have managed to jam alot in it.  In theory it works but when I have a housefull, not so much.  Above, the white cabinet is extremely heavy and made from barn doors and parts.  Very cool but huge and boxy  Yet I love it.  Below, an antique cupboard from ebay that I love.  Practically thinking it should only have one of these two in the room but I can't part with the practicality of having them.  I have so much storage for plates and candlesticks and a million other things.
 These chairs above were antiques found at a garden show.  I love them.  They are powder blue velvet but I decided to have slipcovers for them to lighten the look and have an alternative look in this room.    They are huge but so comfy you can sit here for hours.  They are perfect for company to linger and enjoy dinner and dessert.
The two etchings above are lovely.  The top one I got on ebay for practically nothing because the one I wanted (below it) was a bit costly on One Kings Lane.  Little did I know my husband had purchased it for me for Christmas.  Together they look wonderful in this little nook echoing the hues of the room.

Now let's go upstairs.
The rug I first saw on Julie blanner's instagram.  She was kind enough to let me know she got it from overstock.com  So I immediately searched and found one similar.  I love it.
 My son's room who is away in college. (Shhhh! Don't tell him I posted a photo)
 Here is another shot of the upstairs hallway.  The hall table is Ethan Allen so is the lamp and mirror is antique from Susan Taylor's store.

This is the hall bathroom.
You know when you find something that you are so excited about and can't believe you found it and it's yours?  Well that's how I feel about this mirror.  From Knoxville Tenn.  It is the most beautiful mirror I've ever had and ever will have.  I shall treasure it for the rest of my life.
I paired it with this great antique dresser that I had a marble top created for it.  I just love it.  The bathroom is so simple but this gives it a little shock value and surprise.
Even the door is pretty with a little spring boxwood wreath.

This is the master bathroom which I've posted about before.

I jumped for joy when I saw this little tiny alcove with shelves.  Love playing with and changing it around and at the same time it's perfect for keeping towels and my night creams and serums.
I love my new shower curtain.  Also discontinued Pottery barn that I found on eBay.  Love it.  It gave the bathroom a delicate pop.  I'm not into bright colors or strong florals so this was the perfect balance.
Like I said earlier I love love love art as you can see.  This lovely little painting below I got from artist Karen Winters.  www.karenwinters.com  I wanted something tiny for this frame.  It was perfect.
Originally there were no doors to divide my master bedroom to the bathroom.  We found these old french doors and they fit perfectly.  I can't imagine the room without the division.
That poorly framed print is faded from the years.  When I was a first time young mom with no idea of decor, style, or much of anything, I framed this print to place in my baby's little room.  It has been with me ever since.  27 years.  Faded, dull and poorly framed but I won't fix or try to alter it.  I recently found the painting on a website and unfortunately I lost where I had written down that I had located it.  I wanted to purchase a small painting of it from the artist to give to my son for his nursery.  So if anyone finds it, please let me know.  I will be forever grateful.
The clawfoot tub is an antique from 1912.  The little duncan phyfe table was found at a small antique store many years ago.  I love the marble top.  It echoes the floor and marble sink top.  Little vintage rug from Patrick Charles LTD  Unfortunately he doesn't have a website but appears at all the markets.  His turkish rugs are incredible.  I have bought three from him already.  Would buy more if I could. Vanity is Pottery barn.
Master Bedroom is mostly Ethan Allen pieces.  An amish chest, vintage slipcovered chase, and Ikea Jennylund chair.

I love this antique chair below.  I bought this from www.maggpievintage.com  They were the company that helped us do my son's wedding on our property.  They rent farmhouse tables and chairs and you name it.  Jason, one of the owners also built my dinning room table.  He upholstered this old chair with lovely chenile and crocheted pieces.  It reminds me so much of my mom.

Antique eastlake table above.
Mirror below, discontinued Ethan Allen.  By the way always check www.charish.com for Ethan Allen pieces.  A wonderful source to have.
Found this new bedding off of eBay.  It is pottery barn but discontinued.  Love it.
Curtains by Country curtains.  Love them.  www.countrycurtains.com
Okay don't look now but I forgot to take out my pilates pro chair.  Sorry.  Side note, I adore it and actually use it every night.  Got it off of qvc.

Our new covered deck is sporting it's new furniture from frontgate.  
I have a chaise cushion I'm just currently redoing it to match the cushions on the other pieces. 

Ottoman below courtesy of www.nellhills.com
Just got my outdoor rug from Pottery barn for this area.  Waiting for warmer temps to put it out.
Furniture is from the Hampton Line www.frontgate.com
I can't wait to sit outside with my doggies.  Don't let the photos fool you.  It's still winter like here.  Grass is just coming in.  Finally.

Our front porch.  My fav spot in the house.  So many memories.  When I sit here I am transported to a time when things were slower and less complicated.  

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  Stay tuned for a garden tour when this awful weather changes.  I still have the heat on in my home.  Today I wore a winter coat.  It's April 1st.  I guess nature is saying "April Fools" to us.  xoxo  Lisa
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