Sunday, April 26, 2015

Magnolia Sweet Magnolia

I own two Magnolia trees, one white and one pink.  "Jane" is my favorite. (The pink)
I just bought another Jane, about two feet tall.

The white one is larger and definitely more fragrant.  It sits outside the east extention of our home, outside the study window.  The Jane Magnolia sits north by our back yard.  It stands outside my kitchen window and greets me every morning as I have my coffee.  Unfortunately the strong winds and low temps the past three days have crippled the poor trees leaving  the defenseless petals wrinkling in   the evenings frost.    I'm so grateful I took some photos.  My husband often laughs when he sees me heading into the garden with a camera always in hand.  I tell him that I just feel as if they are part of my family and in a way they are.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Starts!

Yesterday was my store's opening day.  For those of you who don't know I opened up a store with my daughter-in-law yesterday called the Homestead.  It is a Farmhouse, Chic, Industrial, Vintage, Hand made, Home Decor store.
Here is a peak into our day.
 Our friend Joe just happened to be at the right place at the right time for us that is.  Liddy and her dad and Joe put up our sign.

 Liddy and her dad putting the finishing touches on the smaller signs.

Now a peak inside.

 Below: Had some goodies with Karen's help (Liddy's mom) for our customers.

 We took photos of our first customers.
Below my friend Stacy and store owner Carol.
My dear friend Miss Dawn.
Another dear friend Angela and her friend did some shopping.
We had a successful day.  I am so pleased.  Hope you enjoyed a peak into our day.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Few New Touches

While I was waiting for my kitchen floor to be finished I decided to make a few minor changes around the house.  Below is Mary Carol Garrity's stairway gallery.    I love it and was inspired.
Okay so It's not exactly hers but it's a start. 
 From Left to Right,  The boy in the straw hat I had first seen at my friend Catherine's home.  I found this copy on ebay and framed it.  Although his coat is green on mine and the original is blue.  Then below is a painting by John Singer Seargent, Diana Moses Botkin "Sweet Dream", a portrait study by Three Potato Four and my lovely lady from Knoxville.  I have no idea who painted her or who she was.
Don't know how far up I will go but for now I am pleased.
I really love my wall of portraits.
Below new jute oval rug for our bedroom.
And in my sunroom I finally figured out the placement of pieces.

I ordered another jute natural rug for this room.  I feel that there is too much green and the rug is a bit busy and distracting.
Although the chairs are sage gingham and the toile sofa is black, the chairs have toile behind the back and I think the green blends with the touches of green in the room.  But the new rug will neutralize it a bit.
I still can't believe I fixed the cushion in less than ten minutes just with two large pieces of foam from my local fabric store.