A New Grandchild

A new baby is in town.  Our newest grandchild.  Alexander Raymond was born on Sept 2.  
We are thrilled.  Here is Lenora our granddaughter being the best big sister ever.  

Mother and baby are doing fine.  Grandparents are thrilled so is big sister.  


Built ins

Here is a sneak peak.  It's been months since I have posted on my blog.  Please forgive me.  I have been suffering from nerve damage pain after my shoulder surgery.  It has been such a difficult time.  I'm doing physical therapy two times a week and learning to deal with 24 hour pain in my arm form shoulder to wrist and thumb.  I long for the day when I can sleep an entire night without pain or spend a day where I can play with my granddaughter without having to watch myself when I pick her up or play.  

So the past month I have had two projects in my home.  We re did the laundry room and created built ins.  I am so in love with both.  I will do a complete post on the built ins once the light fixtures have arrived.  They come on Thursday so probably will be in my Monday.  Today I worked on getting the  shelves filled.  I have loved seeing other people's built ins and enjoy seeing small art work hanging on the actual shelf.  So I was finally able to do it.  I used a command strip.  You wouldn't want to ever put a nail into the woodwork.  The stick on hooks worked just fine.  So once the lights are installed I will do a full post of the formal living room built ins.

In the meantime, here is the laundry room.

Love the natural wood shelving and brackets.
Below the new doors are from www.uberdoors.com. A great company and easy to order and affordable.

Love it!



 I have been asked about this painting and I wanted to do a short post on it.  Years ago I had a friend who had found a small painting of this woman for about forty dollars in an antique shop.  I loved it since I saw it.  She didn't know who it was and then later found out it was Enrica Soma, a ballerina who was featured on the cover of Life magazine.  She was also Angelica Houston's mother.

Last summer I learned how to do transferring on canvas.  It is so much fun and you can  take a photo or a picture and transfer it using mod podge.  Now it doesn't come out perfect but it leaves an imprint on the canvas that you can work with and create something pretty.

I printed a few photos, some wedding pictures, some photos of my granddaughter and a photo I had of Enrica.  I love to paint.  I'm not great but I enjoy it.  When I made the transfer of Enrica it came out very light so I tried another one.   I painted and filled in the canvas where it was needed on both.  It took me about a week.  The colors are slightly different that the original and her expression is a bit more stern but I am so happy with how it came out.  Now I didn't zoom in because you'll be able to see my imperfections on my replica but I was pleased with my efforts.

A few weeks ago we took a trip to one of our favorite bed and breakfasts in Camden Maine, the Heartstone Inn.   The town of Camden is lovely and reminds me very much of home except we boarder the Delaware River and sadly we have no sailboats in the distance.  We did our normal stops at the local antique stores, and tourist stops.
Here is our selfie.  Me and my best friend, my husband and the love of my life who I am so blessed to  be married to.  He truly is my Prince Charming.

As we were walking around we stopped in at The Gooseriver Exchange https://www.gooseriverexchange.com   It is a lovely bookstore that has so many treasures, art, collectible ephemera and oddities.  My husband absolutely loves it because he's a big history buff.
As he was looking through some old maps I wandered into another room where there were old magazines in boxes.  I saw a few boxes labeled Life and I started looking through them.  I called out to my husband to ask him for some assistance since there were quite a bit.  As he lifted a few magazines from the shelf, there she was, beautiful and in wonderful condition.  I was so excited.  I grabbed it and prayed it wasn't to expensive because I wanted to buy it.    I assumed it could be anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars.  Well surprisingly it was under twenty dollars.   I was giddy.  Here it is below.

I brought it home with me and have it in my office.  As for my reproduction, it sits on my antique table near my bed.  I am very proud of my little project and recommend it highly.  Also, make sure you check out the website for the Gooseriver exchange, you'll love it.  

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