Autumn Has Arrived!

Autumn may be four days away but here, it has arrived.
Worked on my perenial garden today.  My husband helped me remove, replant, rearrange and recreate.  Can't wait to show you how I prepared it for Fall.  Will post soon.


Thirty-Something Podcast

To all my fellow thirty-something fans. In 1987 a show aired that changed my life and set the standard for all future television. As a writer, even back then, I was in awe of the writing on the show and the storylines and sub plots . The cast's chemistry and outstanding acting of the entire ensemble set the bar for me and allowed me to challenge myself in my writing when creating characters. It truly stood out during it's time and developed a following of fans that became the thirty-something family. 
We had front row seating into the lives of these characters and watched as they dealt with the moments of life that define each and every one of us. Needless to say when I stumbled across Scott and Carolyne's podcast on "thirty-something" I was thrilled. Week after week there was a new interview featuring writers, directors, and the beloved actors of the series. It has been so insightful to hear the writers talk about their motivations and ideas behind each story line. Listening to Tim Busfield talk about his admiration for his fellow actors and hearing Peter Horton complimenting the exceptional performances of his fellow co actors was wonderful. It is apparent that these people were more than co workers, they became a family. I love hearing Mel Harris talk about how their real lives intertwined and their friendships became life long. Melanie Mayron is so enchanting and I love to hear her talk about her relationships with the writers and how well they worked together. 
So for those of us who secretly like to believe that this group of characters really existed, in a way, I guess they did. 
If you haven't listened to the podcasts and were a fan and still are, I urge you to listen. You must. You will love it and learn so much about behind the scenes, the relationships and truth behind some of the plot lines. 
Click on to:
Some exciting news:
I am thrilled to announce that in September, Scott Ryan will be releasing the second and final group of podcasts that haven't aired including one he recorded today with . . . wait for it . . . .
Yes, Scott and Carolyne interviewed me this morning on the show. I was honored and still in denial that i was asked to be on. So in a way I am officially part of the "thirty-something" circle. 
My interview will air on Sept. 29th. So I'm letting you know so you can catch up and listen to all the other ones before hand. 
In the meantime a few things to look forward to.
In honor of the Thirty-Something 30th Anniversary year coming up Scott Ryan will be releasing his book on Thirty-Something which will be a must have for any real Thirty-Something fan. 
So please follow and like his page and follow along with us on this wonderful introspective look into an amazing show.



August is here, and soon the house will be empty again.  In 11 days my son goes back to school.  I've closed the store for August so I can relax, breathe and take in the last days of Summer.  I have been looking for a small little stool and have had no luck, but in my search I stumbled across a really great piece of furniture.  At first I thought I would get it for my store.  The price was too good to pass up.  But then I brought it home and began to think about possibilities.    What could I swap out and replace?  I loved how the Ethan Allen cabinet I brought back from our shore house looked in our family room.  Why not add something like that to the formal living room?
See it below?  Doesn't it look like an Ethan Allen piece?  
Wanna know how much I got it for?  
Did you guess 800?
How about 145 dollars!!!!!!!!!!  Yep!
I know.  Love it!  

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