Momma can I go outside now?

These are my two dogs.  The top one is Max, he is a Lhaso and the bottom one is Rudy.  Max's borther.  He is a cockapoo.   He loves being outside.
They hate the winter.  It was so hard today to walk Rudy.  He didn't know where to go with all the snow outside.  He was sniffing around for atleast ten minutes, and then he looks up at me like Mommy, where did the grass go?  
They are fed up with the winter and so am I.  Can't wait to see crocuses or daffodils peeking out at me.  


Susan said...

Cute little guys....

I'm with you, when will Spring be here? I love Spring in the East. We have the most beautiful springs ever!

If you're really longing for spring, I have some beautiful white long whispy plum blossoms just waiting to go home with someone!

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