Girls Night Out

So anytime Susan Taylor has one of her little seminars Lisa, KC and I are there.  We have the most fun.  
Here is Lisa finally going up to buy the cutest little antique clock with lovely bronze birds.  KC and I were her support group.  (can you say accomplice?)  I am the one taking the picture of them.  

We all found incredible little finds for our homes. Hey, some people drink, some people go out partying, we like to go to Black Eyed Susan's and shop for anything she has.    It is so much fun and we learn a lot.  Although these two women probably don't need much help since they both have  impeccable taste and style.  
Here is Susan with KC and Lisa.  Sorry KC I didn't have my glasses on when I checked if the picture came out good on my camera.  I didn't notice you closed your eyes.  Your still lovely even with your eyes closed.  Hee Hee. 
I got the prettiest mirror.  Susan got it at one of her trips and it is so vintage and beautiful in a lovely antique gold finish.  Even my dog Rudy thought it was a good find.  
Momma, this sure is a good buy!


Susan said...

It was really a fun night, wasn't it? You are all so cute to come and I feel like I have a real support group. I love it!

As you can see by the time, I'm in the weeds! orry I haven't been much of a commenter of late. It may take me a month or two to get back on track.

I'll be watching for the three of you soon!

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