After The Storm

Our beloved tree that was more than 50 years old was taken by the last storm two weeks ago.  It was very old but still strong in it's appearance.  It has broken our hearts to see it go.  This was all that remained of our dear guardian and friend.  The top picture shows the tree before the storm.  For many years it had lost a few branches during heavy winds and storms.  Now it is gone.  I am in mourning for our tree.  


Denise said...

That is SO sad! It's hard to imagine a storm that packs such a punch--unless, of course, you've just been through one yourself. Sorry about your beautiful tree.

Susan said...

I echo Denise's thoughts! I'm so sorry. That tree was a thing of beauty for sure.

Couldn't you make a piece of furniture or sculpture out of it?! My son could do that!! Maybe just garden seat. Something, for sure.
It was really a magnificent specimen. I'm sure it must take you by surprise every time you look out the window and miss it.

That must have been some storm!

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