Everything Carolyne!

How many times have I decided to decorate a room and thought to myself "What would Carolyne Do?"
I love everything she loves.   From collecting antique plates, to her love of gingham, From her love of dogs, to her love of the garden and most of all Constance Spry.  (Our favorite David Austin Rose)  I have imitated so much including the design of my kitchen to the design of my garden.  I've learned so much from her.
Here are two of my favorite chairs in my home.  Both Gingham, one with the hint of Sage Toile on the back.  Thanks to KC and her help they are in my home now.  
Above Carolyne's Kitchen at Weatherstone, her home in Sharon CT which I have visited.  Next to it her outside view taken on a trip to her home for a garden viewing and seminar at her home.  Her white paneled cabinets and bin pulls, her open views and farmhouse table inspired my own kitchen appearance and renovations.  (See for yourself)
Her garden, inspired my garden (on a smaller scale of course)
Her lady, inspired my lady.
Her white outdoor furniture, inspired mine.
Her porch. . . well you know the rest.  


Susan said...

Beautiful! Insiring! Yours and hers...when I retire and start to use my collections, I'll know who to study...the two of you!

A wonderful post. Now you are the one inspiring others. Carry on!

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