My Room Is Finished! Yeah!

Fell in love with these knobs from from Anthropologie.  Love them!  Had to have them!

Maybe now I won't find excuses for not working on my book and my writing because of "too much clutter in my workspace."  I think if I don't get published now it won't be because I didn't have a great place to write, it will be because my writing sucks!  Edward and Rudy love the room as you can see.  I love it too.  
I also managed to pick up a lovely mirror at BES's this weekend for my powder room.  Trying to make it look more antique like.  I love it.  


alexie said...

Hey Lee,
Love, love, love the office. I can't wait to decorate mine. The green and the black are beautiful. Enjoy it and may tons of inspiration and writing come to you in this lovely space.
XX Alexie

Susan said...

I love it! You did a great job.

What is the light like from the windows? What is the view...could you leave off the small curtain and put "stuff" in the cute sills??!
Just my second nature wanting to accessorize!

And, I LOVE the mirror in your bathroom!! It is absolutely perfect.
I'm proud of you!Can't wait to see it in person.

Denise said...

I LOVE it and would want to spend all of my days in there! Did I see this room when we got the home tour last Christmas? I just love the black and white (like our shower curtains, of course) with the darling shade of green. Awesome!

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