Recently Inspired!

So I've always been a bit ADD I guess.  I always have to have a project.  There always has to be something new I have my focus on and need to change or restore or create. 
We actually have two projects:  We are building a Barn (well we physically aren't but we've hired builders to do it) and I decided to redo my office.  I wanted to change the space in which I write.  I haven't felt inspired all summer, but then again it's the summer and I can never write in the summer.  I'm too busy sitting outside with my flowers or at the beach.  I decided to change the environment in my office in hopes that an inspiring and beautiful atmosphere will re-energize and boost my creative juices. 
This was my old office.  A bit cluttered and too bright.  I don't think Edward liked gold.  
I was inspired by Susan Taylor's office she has at Black Eyed Susan's.  So I started with simple things like changing the wall color.  I picked "Hydrangea green or the sagey green pea color" I love so much. 
I brought these inside today from my garden.  The colors are spectacular!  

When I say I mean business, I mean it.  I'm not fooling around here.  I set my mind on something and I don't stop until it's done.  (I usually make a terrible mess of paint all over the floor and over me.)
I think Edward likes this color better don't you.  I think so.  He looks much happier.  

A quick trip to BES and I had a few new accessories for my new office.  All I need now is my desk and bookshelves.  They have been shipped already.  They are just not in my office.  AHHHH!
With my mom's help I got new curtains for my tiny tiny windows.  I bought a beautiful cork board and put beautiful backing paper on it.  And I've always had a little bit of Audrey in everything I do.  This is my mom's little sewing table.  I can't wait until my desk and bookcases arrive.  So that's pretty much all for now.  TO BE CONTINUED . . .    STAY TUNED!


Susan said...

Great progress so far! And, yet one more kindred spirit love....Audrey Hepburn!!! Yes!

I'll be anxiously awaiting the final documentation. I love it!

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