The Apprentice's Adventure ! (Use apprentice loosely please.)

I recently had the opportunity of working with Susan Taylor on a project.  A 6 million dollar home located in Bucks County PA was about to be a stop on a historical tour.  The house is for sale and needed to be staged for the tour this Saturday.  Expected guests are a little over 600 people.  Well, not knowing any real details I told Susan I would help her.  
The property is absolutely beautiful.  On 25 or so acres nestled alongside trees and luxurious greenery the different buildings on the property are situated perfectly to show off the land.  
Most of the houses on the property are made of stone and definitely correct for this area.  We had to stage on house on the property.  The stables are incredible fully equipped to perfection to train any horse or a few hundred horses.  Although the property is historic the house has been renovated with additions and new appliances, hence the wolf stove.  (I don't believe our forefathers identified wolf with a stainless steel red knobbed cooking monster!  I have the same one at home.)
There were lovely pine floors and glass doors to take you outside.  Every room has a fixed view of it's incredible surroundings.  Needless  to say, we had a lot of work cut out for us.  Two trips, two car fulls first time then 3 car loads second time, two husbands and a little rain and we were done.  The house has alot of possibilities.  Someone like Susan could furnish and paint every room to perfection.  But we were only able to do what we could.  None of the furniture was Susan's or our taste, but I believe the end result gave the estate a comfortable and inviting look and feel.  Here are a few examples.  
I love these two above.  The one on the left we called "The Equestrian Room"  We fantasized that Jackie Bouvier lived here when she was working for the newspaper writing her stories in the column.  The one on the right is a little gardening room where we believe a lovely lady might tend to her orchids and make drawings and notes on her plans for her garden in the coming Spring.  
Notice the table centerpiece (I loved this one) on the left, a silver platter adorned with countless antique doorknobs.  Genius!  
Then on the right I love these old books with an older letter in the frame.  There are even antique spectacles accompanying the books.  Lovely!
It was such a fun experience.  Thanks Susan!


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