It's beginning to look alot like . . . Christmas

Who said you have to be a kid to have fun in the snow?  It snowed today for the first time this year and it made me feel hopeful and excited.  It had been a long 2 weeks and the past few days had been very hard for me.  Today was just what I needed.  Ever notice how in all the movies they always use snow as a symbol for when something magical is about to occur or when there is a reversal of fate or outcome in the movie.  Dan Fogelberg often used references of snow in alot of his songs as a indication of something magical or to highlight a joyous moment.  This was my joyous moment.  I always want to cry when I see the snow.  It's official, It's Christmastime.  May you find your joyous moment in the snow.

View from my driveway, my neighbors little red horse from when he had Boozer and Peanut Butter.  I love how his barns look when there is snow.  


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