Sunset Cottage

We have spent most of our summer at our summer home in Cape May.  I can't believe August has come to a close already.  
This week I had one of my best friends who hadn't come out to the house join us for a night on her way to Newburyport, Mass.  The poor thing spent close to 10 hours on a bus just to spend one night with us so that she could get ideas for her new home in upstate New York.  
Here is Alexie.  We spent hours looking through numerous Country Living, Better Homes and Garden, Traditional Home for ideas for her new home.  I'm so happy for her.  We had a blast even though it was only for a short time. I introduced her to one of my favorite stores, Across The Way (shown above)  We found wonderful things.
And after she left I found a great buy on my own.  This lovely rocker from my favorite Wicker place to go perfectly with my dinning room decor.  I love it.  Also have a new favorite restaurant, The Black Duck.  Amazing Food.  Lovely! 
Spent time looking for sea glass and relaxing.  Matt was constantly swimming and being tossed by the ocean until he could hardly stand.  He even got a little sick from the intense sun due to his inability to come out and take a break.  Once he's in, he's in.
These birds above I like to call "The Nuns"  Because if you look at them closely, it looks like they are dressed in a habit.  Funny huh!  WEll every morning at our fav spot they congregate and stand perfectly still as they look towards the ocean.  
If you watch them it can be a very spiritual experience.  How can some people think that animals and creatures aren't aware of God?  I felt as if these birds were in praise and Awe of something greater than themselves.  It was as if they needed to come to this spot to honor their creator before getting one with their daily adventure.  How wonderful and amazing God's creations are?  How blessed am I to witness so much.  


Everything Carolyne!

How many times have I decided to decorate a room and thought to myself "What would Carolyne Do?"
I love everything she loves.   From collecting antique plates, to her love of gingham, From her love of dogs, to her love of the garden and most of all Constance Spry.  (Our favorite David Austin Rose)  I have imitated so much including the design of my kitchen to the design of my garden.  I've learned so much from her.
Here are two of my favorite chairs in my home.  Both Gingham, one with the hint of Sage Toile on the back.  Thanks to KC and her help they are in my home now.  
Above Carolyne's Kitchen at Weatherstone, her home in Sharon CT which I have visited.  Next to it her outside view taken on a trip to her home for a garden viewing and seminar at her home.  Her white paneled cabinets and bin pulls, her open views and farmhouse table inspired my own kitchen appearance and renovations.  (See for yourself)
Her garden, inspired my garden (on a smaller scale of course)
Her lady, inspired my lady.
Her white outdoor furniture, inspired mine.
Her porch. . . well you know the rest.  


Can't Take All The Credit!

At my BBQ on Saturday, my friends all loved my outdoor little centerpieces. (You can double click on the images above to get a better view.)  Everyone thought how creative the green peas looked in the pretty glass jars illuminated with small fragrant white and sage candles.  I took a few pics of one of the arrangements.  I love how it looks near the hydrangea on my kitchen table.  (See Above) 
Well I have to give credit where credit is due.  My dear friend and mentor Susan Taylor from Black Eyed Susan's in Yardley PA (see her link at the bottom of my blog as one of my favorites.)  I learned that little trick at one of her evening seminars that I am so fond of going with my two other "Partner's in Design Crime"  Lisa and KC. 
Above is Susan herself sitting with one of her clients and my dear friends KC and Lisa.  (I'm the one taking the pic)  Susan's store is absolutely amazing as you can see a glimpse from my picture. If I didn't have a husband or kids I think I would be Susan's assistant 24/7.  It would just be so much fun just to follow her around on all her design adventures.  
Hey wait a minute!  Can you say reality series on one of the design networks?  Anyone have Mark Burnette's number I can get?  (Hee Hee)
 I also must give credit to KC and Lisa who are incredible gifted and talented designing women as well and whom I might never make another design move without consulting them first.  KC has done most of my home through Ethan Allen Interior design and has given me a few years now of her expert advice and wonderful friendship.  We also share a love for our gardens and our David Austin Roses.  
Lisa and I have shared countless nights on the phone trying to figure out what christmas color scheme or theme we might decide to explore.  Frantic trips to Feeneys, and countless other stores including Black Eyed Susans, tearing up receipts from our husbands and hiding shopping bags full of more christmas decor while trying to convince our husbands that we've had those packed away for years.  (Yeah Right)

Here are close ups of Susan's lovely table top ideas using the lovely sweet pea color green.  
All I can say is Lovely!  When I'm with any of these ladies I think to myself " Martha Who?"


After The Storm

Our beloved tree that was more than 50 years old was taken by the last storm two weeks ago.  It was very old but still strong in it's appearance.  It has broken our hearts to see it go.  This was all that remained of our dear guardian and friend.  The top picture shows the tree before the storm.  For many years it had lost a few branches during heavy winds and storms.  Now it is gone.  I am in mourning for our tree.  
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