My Room Is Finished! Yeah!

Fell in love with these knobs from from Anthropologie.  Love them!  Had to have them!

Maybe now I won't find excuses for not working on my book and my writing because of "too much clutter in my workspace."  I think if I don't get published now it won't be because I didn't have a great place to write, it will be because my writing sucks!  Edward and Rudy love the room as you can see.  I love it too.  
I also managed to pick up a lovely mirror at BES's this weekend for my powder room.  Trying to make it look more antique like.  I love it.  


Day with Nicky

Went to NYC on Monday for the Nicholas Sparks Book Signing for his newest book The Last Song.  He was gracious as always.  This is my 4th time seeing him and having my picture with him.  Unfortunately, this time, he didn't take photos with anyone, which is usually strange.  He's such a people person.  I'm guessing maybe "Swine Flu" prevention?  Who knows!  Anyway, I met my girlfriend Lori and we had a a fantastic day.  "L squared "  
Here are some photos of the day.
Our friendly neighborhood CBS camera man John was very kind and filmed us, although we never saw it because it was local news.  And of course, Nicky Sparks. . . "The Man"  
Love him!!!! ( But don't tell Edward OK)


Part 2 To My Office Project

Still waiting for my desk and two more bookcases.  But this is part of it.  Can you believe these are all photo albums?  I have to stop making them or I'm going to need another house just for my photo albums.  


Recently Inspired!

So I've always been a bit ADD I guess.  I always have to have a project.  There always has to be something new I have my focus on and need to change or restore or create. 
We actually have two projects:  We are building a Barn (well we physically aren't but we've hired builders to do it) and I decided to redo my office.  I wanted to change the space in which I write.  I haven't felt inspired all summer, but then again it's the summer and I can never write in the summer.  I'm too busy sitting outside with my flowers or at the beach.  I decided to change the environment in my office in hopes that an inspiring and beautiful atmosphere will re-energize and boost my creative juices. 
This was my old office.  A bit cluttered and too bright.  I don't think Edward liked gold.  
I was inspired by Susan Taylor's office she has at Black Eyed Susan's.  So I started with simple things like changing the wall color.  I picked "Hydrangea green or the sagey green pea color" I love so much. 
I brought these inside today from my garden.  The colors are spectacular!  

When I say I mean business, I mean it.  I'm not fooling around here.  I set my mind on something and I don't stop until it's done.  (I usually make a terrible mess of paint all over the floor and over me.)
I think Edward likes this color better don't you.  I think so.  He looks much happier.  

A quick trip to BES and I had a few new accessories for my new office.  All I need now is my desk and bookshelves.  They have been shipped already.  They are just not in my office.  AHHHH!
With my mom's help I got new curtains for my tiny tiny windows.  I bought a beautiful cork board and put beautiful backing paper on it.  And I've always had a little bit of Audrey in everything I do.  This is my mom's little sewing table.  I can't wait until my desk and bookcases arrive.  So that's pretty much all for now.  TO BE CONTINUED . . .    STAY TUNED!
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