"On A Silver Tray"

Once Again Susan Wowwed! us with her talent.  I hadn't signed up for this class and it was completely full.  My friends KC and Lisa (partners in decorating crime) weren't able to attend so I never signed up and when I tried to get in I found out it was too late.  All day yesterday I thought about how great it probably was going to be making holiday arrangements out of antique mirrors and trays.  Then at 5:45 pm I got a call from Connie from BES to tell me that there was a last minute opening.
Well, lets just say that Rachel Ray has nothing on me.  I drove my son home from music lessons, on my way stopped at the market for milk, placed my Beef Wellington's in the oven, made my home made sauce with red wine for them and microwaved two baked potatoes. ( I was only cooking for me and Matt because everyone else wanted my left over shrimp scampi)
I was out the door by 6:25pm.  Got to the CVS parking lot by 6:35 and ran across the street to BES just in time.  
It was wonderful.  My favorite was this gold round mirror, you can see above and this silver antique tray.  Spectacular!
Note to self:  Next time view my pics with my glasses on make sure they are not blurry.  
PS.  Don't forget to double click on the pics to see it up close.  


Happy Anniversary 21 years

Last year at this time we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a big bash.  Matthew even played for our first dance.  Now it is 21.  I can't believe the celebration was already a year ago this month.  I wish I could do one every year.  It was so much fun.  

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