Look Who Turned 14!

Matt just turned 14 and I feel like it was yesterday when he was crawling around the floor.  It's crazy how time goes by.  So in honor of the JETS, Matt's favorite team (and my husband and older son) in the world, Matt's wish was to have a JET room.  My husband painted it and it looks great.  We ordered the sheets and curtains and quilt set all having the Jets logos on them.  I will take another picture when they arrive. For now you can see the walls and the "Fathead" of Mark Sanchez, NYJets quaterback, on the wall.


Susan said...

Holy moly! My first reaction was that your husband had painted the figure of Mark!!! I did a double take so fast! Then, I realized that you meant the wall.....oh my, I'm beat!

for the record, I have been trying to comment for days on your posts and today is the FIRST time I have been allowed. What the? I tried the same way as always, and just no way to post a comment.

Well, I'm sooooo glad that I got in this time! Just know that I try often. Wierd.

It is amazing how fast our children grow up. 14 is important and he is a handsome boy. Good work, Mom!

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