New Year, Strong Goals!

2010 is here and I am not going to let another decade go by while I sit waiting for the same dreams to be just that, dreams.  I am back on track. (For now) searching for a good literary agent to represent me.  I have 1 finished novel that I love and am proud of, a second novel almost done that I am equally as fond of.  Two screenplays completed.  I have quite a portfolio to represent my writing style and with prayer and alot of mailings and e-mailing I'm going to get published eventually (God willing).  Hey, nothing is impossible right, not learning to play piano at 44 or getting published  or loosing weight, whatever it may be it we set our mind on it and pray alot and have the support of people you love, it can be accomplished.
Maybe even a new dew for the new 2010?  Okay, maybe not yet. . . (hee hee)


Susan said...

I'm excited and proud of you! Be sure to call my office on Monday for the name of the local agent who lives in Yardley and is always looking for a new start! I'll hook you up with her. Carol also knows her contact info. She might be the one.

Keep praying!

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