Ordinary Time!

This has been one of the hardest weeks for me.  I have trouble facing reality sometimes, like the fact that Christmastime has come to an end.  I hate to turn off my outside lights, I mourn the loss of listening to Christmas music.  I shall miss the smell of fresh pine inside my house as opposed to outside, which thankfully I still have.  I miss the festive decor along the streets of my town and stores and will even miss the red christmas starbucks cups that introduce the Christmas season.
I began taking down my decorations today.  A sad sad day!
I do tend to enjoy organizing my things so that when the time comes, everything is easy to find.
My friend Dawn was laughing because I changed my beds into "Ordinary Time Beds"
You know how in the liturgical calendar the time after and before Christmas and Lent is called ordinary time?  Well during Christmas all the beds in the house are dressed up with their Christmas bedding.  I just changed them back to "Ordinary Time Bed"  Very sad.  


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