Winter Wonderland, Searching for The March Girls

I have this picture in my head of the movie Little Women ( I love all the movies made about this book and I love Louisa May Alcott's book so very much.  I read it in high School and it has always been one of my favorite stories growing up.  But in the rendition with Susan Sarandon playing the mom, the location of the story was so perfect and absolutely beautiful.  The March women's home was a lovely home nestled in the trees and surrounded by glorious pines.  There are several scenes where the March women run to the mailbox to see if there are any letters or messages from neighbor and dear friend, Laurie.  Every time I look outside I see them running in their long petticoats.  I wish It were back in that time.  Here are some photos of my front and back yard and driveway.  There were about 15 inches from last snow fall and now they are expecting 2 ft.  We have about another foot and it is still falling.  3:18 pm.  Wednesday February 10th.


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