Awake From Your Slumber! Arise From Your Sleep, A New Day Is Dawning For All Those Who Weep!

Yesterday afternoon my husband took me on a long drive.  I needed quiet time away, no conversation, just driving and looking at the beauty all around us.  Do you ever do that?  I needed to terribly.  It was my father's one month anniversary.  I felt too overwhelmed and the day was too beautiful but a little chilly to sit outside for too long.  So we went on a drive.  I love these tiny little bunches of yellow wild flowers that grow in meadows.  How beautiful are they!  I couldn't help but think of how the verse from City of God (Liturgical song) talks about awaking and arising from a deep slumber like the winter.  Then I took it a step further and thought of death and resurrection.
It was a lovely drive and we even went to check out where this year's designer house was that opens next week.  Susan is in charge of designing the bedroom.  (Quick peek check out her blog to see it, Georgeous!)  Anyway, it was a very therapeutic drive.  Denise and Susan and Michelle, three friends who have lost their sweet mothers,  take time to sit outside and look at the blooms and the trees and breathe.  It is helping me find my peace after my dad's passing.  I pray for you as well.
Wisterias and azaleas and trees are all filling up with leaves and buds and even flowers.  I find it comforting to be in their presence.  It is a humbling reality to be a witness to such beauty and signs of God's presence.


Alexie said...

Ramon's presence are all over your beautiful garden and your drives because in heaven he is a part of everything that is good and beautiful. That's why looking at it is so comforting. He's looking back at you. Miss you my friend.

By the way, your lilac trees and wisteria are so lovely. I can't wait to plant some at home.


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