A New Friend

On a moments whim and a Sunday afternoon drive, we came home with this little guy.  His name is Wally.  He is very tiny and sweet and a bit rambunctious but he is our new distraction.  After all we needed one.  Rudy is starting to warm up to him and for the past few days they have been chasing one another and playing with toys together.  Although Rudy still wants to show me that he is not thrilled, I catch him when he thinks I'm not looking nudging Wally and looking for ways to get him to chase him.
I pray Wally can fulfill his mission, to bring us healing and comfort back into our lives.  That's a tall order for such a little guy.


Susan said...

Oh, my! He is a doll! I love puppies, well, who doesn't?! I think he will get right into your heart and help for sure. Just look at those eyes!

I hope Rudy won't be too jealous!

I'm thinking he needs to take a ride to Black-eyed Susan's...soon!

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