Things To Do When Grieving. . .

This is pretty much what I find myself doing.  Honestly, I don't know why.
l.  Clean out and arrange closet in master bedroom.
2. Take out winter clothes.
3. Space bag anything you can.  (It gets addicting)

4. Organize draws in Tim and Matts rooms.
5. Space bag some more things from son's rooms.
6. Watch QVC late at night to avoid thinking before you go to sleep.
7.  Wake your husband and tell him you just ordered 300 dollars worth of knitting equipment and (I don't knit) Nate Burkus Bedding and towels on QVC.
8.  Make shopping list
9. Buy more Space bags.
10. Organize Pantry.
11. Start all over again.


Alexie said...

I totally understand what you mean. When we can't control the disorder in our hearts, it helps to at least have some order in our closets. I am also in the process of winter to spring clothes, bedspreads, etc changing. It feels good. I also LOVE space bags. I love to watch them shrink, shrink, shrink all my troubles away.

Love you, Alexie

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