What a Find!  I love settee's and little antique chairs.  I'm always picking one up here and there and then painting it or changing the fabric.  I had seen a lovely photo in one of my Carolyne Roehm books
where her bed has a settee at the foot of it.  It reminded me of those old mansions in the movies where the beautiful women in there long evening gowns or dresses would sit by there beds and finish dressing. Especially in the old black and white films.  I have had my dear Lane Hope Chest for 22 years.  My mom and dad bought it for me a month or two before I got married.  I have always kept my linens and bedding's in there.  I was at one of my favorite little antique stops when I saw this settee. I ran to it and sat on it without regard for the sign that said PLEASE DON'T SIT.   I loved it and so did my friend Dawn.  I knew I wanted it but didn't know how it could fit in my bedroom.  I came home and measured and looked around to figure out how it could fit.  That's when my mother suggested taking my Hope Chest into her room.  I was thrilled.  After measuring it I realized it was the perfect size and shape.  The molding matches my bed as if they were made by the same carpenter.  The fabric matches the gold fabric that I did my chase in.  I also used the same fabric in a pillow, a night bench and my Hope Chest.  I love it so much and love thinking about when it was from and what house did it sit in.  I love old things.  I have a few old mirrors that I have gathered and adore even though they are missing reflecting spaces they are priceless to me.


Alexie said...

Oh your bedroom looks so gorgeous and your find fits perfectly at the foot of the bed. How great that the fabric matched although I know you could reupholster it in a flash. Enjoy your dreamy bedroom!
Love you

Susan said...

Perfectly charming! I too, love a bench at the foot of the bed. What a perfect fit. Good choice. Sit and breath, remember fond things and have a little prayer.

Thinking of you daily, sweet friend.

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