Okay, It's True, We are Friends. . . You Caught Us!

This View is from my screen door.
My Trusty friend and companion Rudy has come around to Wally.  I guess he figured, "what the heck!"
It's funny how being with a dog long enough you start to rub off on each other and develop similar habits.  Okay, I may not be licking my self or rolling in the grass or walking on all fours but my Rudy does everything I do and likes to do every thing I do.  He looks forward to coming in the car with me every morning to get coffee from Starbucks.  He waits in the car anxious to see me and always gets excited and jumps up and down when I am walking to the car.  (Rob doesn't do that)
He shares my warm morning bun and I always leave him the last few drops of my latte.  I sing to him in the car silly songs about how "Mommy and Rudy are together forever, or how Mommy loves Rudy and Rudy loves Mommy."  He lays down on the seat with a steadfast glance, watching me, protecting me and loving me with no strings attached.  I love him now more than ever.  We are grieving together, we are comforting one another and keeping each other company.  His favorite thing is to sit on the porch swing with me where I usually sing silly songs again with him and then I usually thank him for being my friend, for being my glimpse of God during such a terrible period in my life.  I am sick to think of what I would have done without him these past few weeks.  I am so blessed to have him.  He is my best friend.
And then there is Wally.   What to do about lil Wally?  I guess I will have to love him too.


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