Our Silent Friends

For a long time I have always had an infatuation & obsession with trees.  Not just flowering trees, just plane old regular trees.  This tree sits on my front.  It must be close to my age and the reason that I know that is because my house was built in 1965 the same year that I was born.  The owners told us that they planted most of the trees that first year.  It is my umbrella tree.  If I'm walking the dogs and it's raining I can literally stand under it and not get wet.
I have lost many trees on my property since I have lived here.  Some out of necessity, some because they were sick and some because of storms.  Each time I have felt a loss.  After all they are living things.
Beautiful creations of The Almighty.  I was walking Rudy today and was standing under it with him.  He was sitting and I was standing and we were both at a pause, still as can be looking up.  At first I didn't notice that he was mimicking my action until I looked down.  Then I watched as he looked up and he really was mesmerized.  Perhaps it was the sun streaming through it causing tiny lines of light to cascade down from the sky, perhaps it was the leaves slowly moving in the lazy 90 degree wind.  Or maybe, just maybe he was thinking what I was thinking of.  What has this tree seen?  What has it heard? Does it recognize us?  Of course it does.  And what does it remember?  The stories it can tell and the secrets it has heard.  How privileged are we to have it as a part of our lives.
Or maybe, Rudy was thinking . . . "Hm, Now that's a good place to pee!"


Susan said...

I do believe all living things are from our Creator. Trees are beautiful and magestic. It's easy to become attatched to wonderful ones that we live with!

Enjoy, Rudy!

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