Touches Of Home

What makes a house a home? Is it the furniture? What you hang on your walls? The photos on your mantle? I think it's the little things. Remember God is in the Details! I enjoy trying to put as much detail into everything. (Thanks to my mentors of decor my friends KC and Susan) I am trying to make my house, not just a house but a reflection of my life. Each piece is picked with love and great thought. It's not like our wardrobe, that we grow out of certain pieces and easily discard them when we are through with them. None of us can afford to be changing everything all the time when it comes to what makes our house a home. That is why each piece is so important. From the largest painting on your wall to the smallest book on a table. I love to see how my rooms have evolved into not just furniture and things but into a tranquil place, a spot for conversation, a corner to nap or a reading haven. I recently purchased a new settee and panicked when it had arrived. I called my dear friend KC immediately to ask her what she thought of my pick since I tend to second guess my decisions. (Hey I'm still learning) Funny, after my designer friend gave me the okay I felt silly because I loved it as soon as I saw it but doubted that I had the ability to put things together when it came to different patterns. She assured me I had done well and now I can see it. Sometimes we just need confirmation and support from our friends.
This is the settee.  Although you can't truly see the color you can see that it does go with my rug and the coffee table. 

Display what you love.  Find a place to showcase all your favorite pieces, whether they are plates or books.

I love soaps in different scents and not only do I love to use them but I also display them in my bathroom.
What is your favorite spot?  I have many.  My bathroom is one of them.  Make your home have many favorite places to go to when you are feeling stressed or need to feel the comforts of home.  
Create inviting areas that call for attention.  I have always loved chairs and places to rest your feet after a long day.
Remember it is your home.  Make it yours by adding the things you like and feel comfortable in.  If you don't want to sit on it then maybe it should be in a museum and not in your home.  At the end of the day you want to relax in an inviting relaxing atmosphere.  Your home.  
Remember to extend the invitation to relax in your home's surroundings as well.  Your outside is an extension of your inside.  Find points of tranquility and beauty in both. 
As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently said . . . "That which we elect to surround ourselves with becomes the museum of our soul and the archives of our experiences. . . "


shannon said...

OK...I love the Thomas Jefferson quote!

These are beautiful pictures from your house...you've got excellent taste...

My favorite spot would have to be my garden/potting room in my house my front garden outside.

I can feel the stress melt right off of me when I'm in either of these places...also, i'd have to say anywhere there are animals is my favorite place...

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