The Amish Are Here! The Amish Are Here!

That's not really him.  That's Vigo Mortensen or whatever that handsome actor is.  
Okay so today is official.  The building of our Barn.  Finally the day has arrived.  We only signed contracts a year ago.  Our land is part of a historical society and everything we do, I mean everything must be approved by the historical board.  So it has taken an entire year.  The lumber arrived today and so did our amish builder.  Notice there is no picture of him because I am not able to take photos of the Amish.  Due to the fact that they believe the devil will take the negative.  (So I'm gonna have to take them secretly, hee hee.)  Well It should take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.  I will be posting and documenting the changes on my blog.  
As you can see from above our old shed is gone and now there is a huge space where the barn will be going.  I was expecting our builder to have some biblical name like Zebediah or Zachariah or something more Amish as in all the Amish lifetime movies I have seen.  (Hee Hee) But he came to my door this morning, very kind and courteous and introduced himself as Steve.   No I'm not making this up.  

Here are photos of all the lumber that was delivered.  And this hole they dug is about 5 feet deep.

My garden was looking great as I was taking photos of the construction site so I decided to post some on this entry.  I unofficially have named my house.  For years I have named it but have never registered the name.  I do plan on getting a plaque with the name "Pinerowe" engraved.  You see our house has 4 acres and it is surrounded by a line of pines that go completely around the property.  What better name right?  I pretend I'm Carolyne Roehm hosting one of her parties and imagine stationery printed with the a monogram and the name on the top.  Her home is called Weatherstone.  (I have gone to it twice and have walked on her farm.  It is my favorite house of all.  Anyway after today's trip around my garden I would say it was Hydrangea house.  My hydrangeas are thriving this year.  Take a look.  


Susan said...

Yur garden photos take my breath away!

I do so wish we could see Steve, but I understand and don't cheat.

I'll be looking forward to the continued photos of the progress, how exciting. Historical review boards can be so stubborn, or as we say "hysterical boards"! (Hee hee).

And, please, can I go along with you next time you go to Carolyn's? I mean it!

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