Discovery Cove

When my son Matthew graduated a few weeks ago from 8th grade, my husband and I gave him as a present a trip to Discovery Cove.  Matthew has been obsessed with marine life ever since he was able to talk.  Always had rubber sharks with him and dolphins in his bathtub and loved to watch any program that was under the sea.  Well, our Marine Biologist son (God Willing) got his chance first hand at Discovery Cove this weekend.
He fell in love with a dolphin named Diego.  Here Diego is giving Matthew quite a ride. 

There's my husband, Matthew's side kick for the weekend.  I wasn't able to go but they promised me they would go again and take me next time.  I told Matthew I only expected one thing from him this weekend, and that was for him to kiss a dolphin on the lips for me.  He promised.

He always keeps his promises.


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