It's Official ! I have an Editor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Mixon, Editor and Author will be working with me on editing my book starting in August.  I am thrilled.  This is a photo of her.  Hopefully she will help me get my book ready to be published.  Not looking to be on Oprah or GMA just want to find my book in every major B&N store chain in America.  I want to make a scrapbook with me pointing at my book every time I find it on a bookshelf.  That's all, to be published, health and happiness for my family and friends, and oh yeah, world peace.  Hee Hee.


Alexie said...

Go on with your baddd self girl!!
So proud and happy for you!!

Susan said...

So, that's not asking too much! I agree.

Mary Velez said...

Hi Lisa,
your blog is beautiful! I love the fall colors, I am actually looking forward to the fall now.
Congratulations on finding an editor, you are that much closer. Your book will definitely be in my bookshelf, hey I will recommend it to my book club.
You truly have creative juices flowing thru you in so many areas, culinary, arts and crafts, feng shui, the list goes on and on.
i love you LIsa
God Bless your endeavors!

Victoria Mixon said...

Hi, sweetie! Thanks for this. As you know--we've been working with P & M for awhile now--your book is shaping up beautifully, and we know it will not only be publishable, it will be a classic love story. You are doing wonderful work. And I have very high standards for my authors! :)

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