Most Embarrassing Moment.

Couldn't stop looking at the barn today with the sun setting upon it.  Some new friends came today to begin the preparation for the stone.  Dave and his son Michael and their assistant Felipe who is not Amish.  I received a call from Steve, who went over a few things left to do this morning.  As we were speaking he informed me that all of the workers and he had enjoyed themselves and were very entertained with the portrait I had made of them.  "Hmm? What portrait?" I asked.
"The one on your blog!" He said.  "My Blog?. . . . . . . My Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
All of my new Amish friends read my blog.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  All I could think of is OMG what must they think of me now?  Not because of my entry about them, but all my photos of me photoshopped with Edward and my entire Twilight Obsession.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!
So this goes out to all my new Amish Friends who might be reading this.  Please don't judge me because I am obsessed with a fictitious character who is a vampire.  I'm really a nice person.  Honest.  
Oh well, what can I say.  By the way many Amish do work on computers.  They are very with it.  
Below are more photos of my favorite new place.  My Barn.  As the sun was setting I took a few photos.  
Upstairs shot of the loft part of the barn.  


Alexie said...

That is hysterical!!! To any Amish friends who may be reading this, I can vouch for Lisa, she is a wonderful, kind and generous Christian woman. She is a little crazy and I can't speak to the vampire issue because I, of course, do not watch such things, but overall, Lisa and 1000% wonderful and I love her!!

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