Barn is Painted!

The Barn was painted white on Saturday.  They guys were very fast.  They were not Amish but they specialized in barns built by them and they were referred to me by Steve who worked on the Barn.  All that is left is the cupola which I put a few pics above to give you an idea of what it looks like.  Rob made this cross out of our own tree branches.  I wanted an old rustic looking cross upstairs in the loft.  When I go upstairs it has a chapel feeling for some reason so I told him I wanted to make a cross.  We hung it up yesterday so that God will live there.  
I bought two myrtles and planted them by the barn.  One in Purple (my favorite color) and one in Red.  


Susan said...

Beautifulf barn.
Beautiful thoughts.
Beautiful spirit.
Beautiful friend.

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