Fun Saturday Morning/ Productive Saturday Afternoon

So for those of you who get BES's announcements for her classes and special events.  Well, today was her Paris street sale,  Susan goes to Paris a few times a year and brings back amazing things for her store.  My husband took me this morning after we did a Starbucks run and we went to see the goodies.
(All this after we got home at 2am from a wedding in manhattan which (side note to the side note) I brought my camera to without a battery.  Ding Ding!!!! Do not pass Go, and do not collect 200 dollars.)
I of course did not think about bringing my camera and I should have.  But when Susan posts pictures of today's events I promise I will blog napp them from her blog and put them on mine.  (I'm wanted by the blog police for doing that constantly) Anywho I bought beautiful things, just 2 but they were good buys.

Okay so for those of you who haven't been to my house, I have a lovely chocolate velvet sofa from EA that my dear friend KC helped me pick out.  I love it.  Not only does it look beautiful, but it's perfect for napping with a throw or watching a scary movie.  Listen I love nice things but if I can't be comfortable in them I don't want them.  Rob found this lamp today and it now my fav.  Look at the inside!  Does that yell Susan or what? The outside is Chocolate.  Love it!
Okay, so I've always loved sheep.  My favorite vision is of Jesus as the shepherd and I love the metaphor of the sheep being us.  I had picked up the bottom two paintings last year sometime and today I found the lovely little sheep at Susan's.  Now I actually had 3 but Susan took one back for SHANNON (If you're reading this Miss Ducks in a Row, I gladly surrendered one of mine because Susan told me you wanted one.  Shannon has a lovely family and a lovely blog called Ducks in a Row.  Check it out.

Okay now I probably shouldn't blog about this but (excuse the door I need to retouch it ) A year ago I went crazy painting alot of things black including my side door under my carport.  I absolutely loved the outcome.  Well I was in search of a new wreath.  I fell in love with one that looked just like this at Susan's but didn't get hers because someone had it on hold.  Found this one on my own somewhere else and bought it.  Doesn't it just yell Autumn, hot tea, comfort food, leaves, warm fire, halloween and warm wooly sweaters?
That's what I hear.  
Now I might be hosting a class with Susan this Fall.  Not for sure but hopefully it will work out.  Where did you say it is?  In my BARN!!!!!!!!!!!!  How fun will that be huh?  I promise I will post something if it happens.  So that all who would like to come can come.  I'm excited!  
When I got home from the BES sale I decided to tackle a project on my on-going list.  Paint my rockers.

These have been my trusty rockers for years.  But they are white and grab every dust particle, airborne grass and mulch stain and dirt you can imagine.  I was thinking!  Why not paint them. . . . . . . . 


shannon said...

a busy day indeed!

I'm so jealous that you got to go to the sidewalk sale! Of all times to get a kidney stone, it had to be SATURDAY!!!

You've got fabulous taste, Lee...

I love that you dig right in to projects...your a girl right after my own heart!

P.S. I love the fall leaves on your blog banner...

Susan said...

Thanks for the accolades! Of course, I love the black! Love the wreath...although it looks identical to the hops one that I have(!) and I love the excitement of you.

Can't wait for the Barn event. I'm working on my fall/holiday schedule right now!

As for The Paris Flea Market sale, I fear that I don't make it to Paris "several times a year"...but it would be nice! You're a nut. I love nuts.

Suzanne said...

Oh, wow, Lee! I love the lamp. I had no idea how pretty the inside of that shade was, either. Also love your metaphor of the sheep. It was nice to see you there - I picked up a couple of goodies, too.

Just this morning I was again thinking of painting my (interior) doors black - thanks a lot, Susan. ;-) And, dear Susan...if you're reading this - I'm in need a color consult for my walls (and ceilings, of course!) before I do my doors.

Now about that barn party...Woo-hoo! Count me in.

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