Goodbye My Summer, I shall mourn for you until we meet again.

I had to check on things at our house at the shore.  We had an irrigation problem and had people working on it.  We had lost most of our grass and plants due to a extremely hot summer and drought.
Thankfully all was done.  (Something is definitely wrong with my camera.  The photos are coming out with very little color.  I'm going to have to ask Santa for a new one.)
We had inherited a gorgeous garden at the shore.  I had not wanted one since all I do is tend to my garden at home but I couldn't say no.  Well if the past owner ever passes by he will have a heart attack to see that the hydrangeas are all cut down but they were burnt to a crisp.  The second picture is what the garden was like before they all burnt.  But with a little love hopefully they will grow again.
While I was there I purchased her.  Isn't she beautiful!  I fell in love with her in the beginning of the summer.  We have five or 6 new charming little stores that have opened up in Cape May all walking distance from my house.  I saw her and loved it.  I waited all summer and then forgot about it.  A few nights ago when we went to check on the house and the irrigation and plants we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Tishas.  As we sat eating dinner I could see the store and walked in shortly after dessert.  There she was and with a ten percent discount.  Kaching!!!!!!!!!  I brought her home and now she is in my bedroom.
We left the shore knowing that, although we go back a few times a month to check on things or have a little overnight or weekend trip, it won't be the same.  The days have shortened, the darkness has crept in, the sweaters are worn and the tans are all fading away.  The breeze whispers colder days and the leaves are changing.  All part of the changes of time.  Changes that I always have trouble with letting go.
I shall miss the sand beneath my fee.  I shall miss the heat of the sun on my back.  The sounds of the waves will haunt me and an occasional coo of a gull will bring me back to the beach where I feel most alive.  Every day that goes by is time that I spend away from the beach and every day my thoughts will be far away until I can be there again.


Jeannie said...

Friend, that is a beautiful picture of the shore. I can't believe it got so cool so quickly! You know I hate the heat- but I will miss this summer too....
Thanks again for your supportive comments on my blog! Love you- TTYS

Susan said...

Beautiful sentiments! Your home looks divine and I can see why you have such a difficult time saying goodbye to summer.

Your home looks like a wonderful getaway and sweet friend.

Just think....Christmas can't be far away.

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