Harvest Day and Pillow talk

So every September, Yardley PA does a beautiful Harvest Day.  Street vendors, kettle corn, live music, jewelry, scented soaps, and plenty of food grilled by our own firemen.  It's a fun day.  I went this year and it was a perfect day.  Sunny and 89 degrees, felt like 95 actually.  One thing was missing though, Black Eyed Susan's on the corner.  It wasn't the same without an evening stop at one of my favorite shops.

I love this view of the yellow house on the lake.

I love pillows.  Little pillows to especially.  There was a woman who bought remnants from fabrics like Waverly, Ralph Lauren, etc and she was a genius.  She had dozens of rectangular pillows that she had beautifully sewn with a pocket pattern.  Do you know what I mean by that?  That you could literally just slip the already stuffed pillow inside and it was done.  Well she was selling them for $25.00 to $30.00.  They were absolutely gorgeous!  I should have bought 20 of them.  Well I bought one for my mom's bed.  She had a bag filled with small pillows they sell at Joanne's that you buy to cover.  Well you would pick your pillow and whallah? (spell check on whallah) It was stuffed and ready to place on your favorite chair or couch, settee or bed.  Genius!
Here's a picture of my mom's pillow.

My love for small pillows.  Here are all my little pillows in my living room and kitchen. 


Susan said...

I miss Yardley too! I get a little lump in my throat whenever I drive by. I think of the many, many nights I worked around the store until 1:00am and watched the traffic ride by. I think of the events we had fun with and the many holiday seasons that we crammed into it! I think of my window changes and the approval of the towns people.

Yep, I miss Yardley! *sigh*

shannon said...

The only times I've ever been to Yardley is when I've gotten lost!
But it sure is a cute town! I love Bucks County! I feel like I'm living my dream!

This looks like a splendid day...
I'm a total festival junkie!

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