Paula and Bubbles!

So I love Paula Dean.  I have gone to Savanna and have had dinner twice at The Lady And Sons.  It is fabulous.  One of my favorite desserts is her simple peach cobbler.  I decided to make it today with some fresh peaches I found at the market.
I have made this many times before.  It truly is a "No Brainer" and it tastes like sweet comfort.
Paula has a friend named Bubbles and she says they love to eat this dessert all the time.
My friend Dawn says we are like them.  (Without the white hair )  Anyway, I decided to post the recipe so you can make it too.  I promise its a cinch! (spell check on cinch)
Hope you try it.  You will adore it!  Like Paula and Bubbles.


shannon said...

Your dress is gorgeous!!! You look like a million bucks!

That peach cobbler sounds delicious! I've still yet to try the fried green tomatoes...(I think I might have missed the boat on making those this season!)

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