Comforting Week

October is settling in and although the weather has been more like Indian Summer, everything around us is telling us that Fall is here.  The leaves are changing and the light is spectacular.

I visited my dear friend KC's home on Wednesday before we went to visit Susan's store.  
KC has a lovely home nearby and I got to go and see it.  It is absolutely charming and elegant, definitely Country Living Material.  She has such a sense of style, her home is warm and inviting filled with elegant pieces and lovely antiques.  I loved it.  Her husband and her are both artists in many ways and it shows.  I've learned so much from her.  
Above, KC at BES old location.
Part of KC's garden in the Spring.  Spectacular!
That evening I decided to make my favorite FRENCH ONION SOUP.  I know Shannon (Ducks in a Row) loves when I blog a recipe.  I truly love this soup.  My favorite, and often when I go to a restaurant, my younger son Matt and I rate any french onion soup that we have from one to ten.  My favorite of all time is from Hearts Restaurant right here in Bucks County (Lahaska, Peddlers Village) If you haven't had it please try it.  Well I asked the waitress a series of questions and with her answers I was able to experiment and make the soup pretty perfectly close.
Look how dirty this card is.  I have been meaning to rewrite it, but keep forgetting.

This is the finished product.  I tell you it's to die for.  My best friends came over on Saturday with my nephews/Godson and I made these for lunch for them.  They loved it.
Take 2 large vidallia onions, sliced with 2 tbs of marg.  Put in large crock pot or porcelain heavy lid pot.  Cook until translucent and start to brown.  Then four tbs of brown sugar (filled to the top)  Mix in and let it caramelize a few minutes.
Then throw everything in and let boil, when it starts to boil lower flame to simmer and let cook for an hour.
1/2 cup good red wine, 4 beef bouillon cubes, 3 cups of water (you can dissolve the bouillon cubes in it before you throw it in.  1 teasp of vinegar.
For my friends I doubled the recipe.  Then top with a few slices of a french baguette, three slices of fresh mozzarella,  and put in your broiler and watch for a few minutes until it looks like this.  Yummy.
Above my sister and best friend, Sonali and my mom, above her children Elijah and Gabriel.  Our visits are always too short and few and far between.  I always cry when she goes.  


Susan said...

Beautiful photos of you and your darling mother and friend. I'm not sure who is prettier! I guess it's a draw. Your mother is beautiful.

I'll have to try the soup, Fred really loves French onion too.

As soon as I saw KC's photo, I was too busy trying to figure out if that wall color was my favorite BM Venetian Gold, to realize that it was my old store!!!

Loved the post. Enjoy fall.

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