Day Trip

Took a little trip to Susan' s on Saturday morning.  I wanted to see the last little Halloween clearance items.
Don't you love the entrance to her store.  The two urns were done by lovely Shannon (Ducks in a row)
I do love all the black crows.  They are so magical!
Her flowers are so lovely.  But I was more excited about the little tree on the right set up waiting to be adorned when Susan returns from her niece's wedding.  Can't wait until Christmas set up!  Excited to see what the new Christmas must haves must be.
So I was excited about this.  Susan had these lovely runners for the tables.  You know how burlap pillows with french print or words are really in now?  Well I bought her runner and look what I made with it.  Ta DA!!!!!!!  A lovely little french pillow for my settee.  Isn't it charming.  I made it myself on the sewing machine.  I am very proud.  It's even prettier than the one I saw in Pottery Barn.
Just a new little touch on my list of things to do before Barn Night.  Susan is having a class at my house on Nov 18th.  Throughout the year Susan has these lovely informative classes showing us how to make our homes more beautiful and tricks on how to entertain.  Well Susan is having one in my barn.  I went to the store and checked the list to see if any one had signed up.  OMG!!!!!!  It was closed.  There was no more room for any more sign ups.  And, get this, there was a waiting list for any cancellations.  Yikes!
I need to get my house and barn ready for the event!  
Will post fully with pics when the class happens.  I promise.


Suzanne said...

Lee....I literally CRIED when I found out I was too late for the barn event. :(
I can only hope I am at top of the waiting list.
Love your pillow!

shannon said...

Yes siree! Get that barn ready cause we're a' comin! WooHoo!! Can't wait!

I work on Tues, Thurs, and Fri afternoons, so maybe stop by sometime when I'm there!

I love that little frenchy pillow! It looks perfect on that settee!

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