If Life Were This Easy . . .

So my older son, Tim loves, loves, loves my apple pie.  Now this is my recipe.  I didn't get it from a book but have perfected it over the years.  I can make it in 15 minutes flat ready for the oven.  I know I have been blogging about food lately, but it is the Fall and it has been getting cold and I love comfort food.  So those of you on diets might want to skip this blog entry.  But remember, everything in moderation right?  That's the key.
So I decided to blog about my pie.  It's also very beautiful to look at if I do say so myself.  (Hey why not right)  I wish to share this with you.  And it is so easy that even if you have never made a pie, this will be your favorite.  I have made my own crust many times.  But the pie crusts taste just like the pillsbury ready made, (unless it is a sucre pastry, sugar dough that you need for something, otherwise use pillsbury one)
I tend to use Gala for pies because they are less watery than some other brands.

This is a lifesaver, this apple peeler.  It is great.  WS has them.
I enjoy the placement of the apples just as much as the crust forming.  I know it's a disease.
Do you have one of these fancy dough cutters?  They are the best!

It will enable you to cut like this and make your pie look fancy.  

Okay so here is the recipe:  1/2 cup of granulated sugar.
1 teasp of cinnamon, 1/4 of brown sugar (a bit less than 1/4)
1 teasp of good vanilla extract  And 5 to 6 Gala apples peeled.
1 tbs of flour and 1 tbs of gran sugar on the crust in the pie plate before you place the apples.  Spread then place the apples.
Put your pie crust on top then whisk egg and brush crust.  Spill a bit of cinnamon sugar on top.  Teasp of marg or butter break up and stick in holes before baking.  Bake 350 for an hour.  And there you have it. 
Begin weaving the crust like a basket. 

Then fold in sides.  Like above.
Then do this all around with your thumb.  Nice trick that adds just the right touch!
Like this.  Doesn't it look prettier with the scalloped edging?
The finished product!  Now Enjoy!  See I told you it was easy.


shannon said...

Lee!!! This is a work of art!!
I'm so glad you did a tutorial! This was very informative...I never knew that Gala's were less watery than other apples...Thank you! I can see why it's one of your son's favorites...my mouth is watering just looking at that last picture!

I love that you have been posting about food lately...

Suzanne said...

That's the purdiest pie i've ever seen! :-)

Lee, how can I contact you? I have a question. My email address is: suziemause@gmail.com Thanks.

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