Decorating & Nesting

So it's that time of year again!  For me this year means something different that the past years of my life.  This will be the first Christmas without my dad.  So I have decided not to have my Christmas Extravaganza.  But I did want to decorate.  It would be too too sad for me to give that up.  My dad thought I did I pretty job getting the house all ready for Christmas so I decided to do that.

I got my four urns ready with fresh greens for the front entrance.  I love doing that.  

Believe it or not all these photos, 43 boxes big and little all belong to my Christmas decorating.  They were all nestled in our Barn upstairs in the loft.  Now they were all in my kitchen.  AHHHH!
Every year it gets a little harder and harder to do this.  I still haven't finished completely.  We are going to work on the outside tonight if we have enough energy.  Will blog the end results.


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