Hustle and Bustle, My feet Hurt!

Remember Pearl Bailey. I used to love her.  She always got on stage and took off her shoes or made a comment about how much her feet hurt.  My husband and I have been totally beat the last two weeks.  From the day Saturday, day before the Barn Class to Thanksgiving to My Harvest Dinner.  But it was all worth it.  
One of my Sisters/best friend Sonali came the day before to make a trip to Black Eyed Susan's.  She had not been at the new store and was in need of Christmas things.  We had a ball.  I barely said hi to her dear husband and kids before we were running into my car and down the driveway to go shopping.  It's so much fun when you have someone in your life that loves what you love.  After shopping we picked up Pizza (hey look I was going to be cooking tons next morning so I wasn't about to cook again.  We had a lot of work to do)  I had this "Carolyne Roehm Idea of eating all together in our screening room.  Thanks to my husband and Mike, Sonali's husband, the idea became a reality.  Then after pizza and Starbucks coffee, we got started on the tables and place settings.  My mom and I had cut out leaves and I had created a few things for the tables.  

This centerpiece above is what I learned to make at my barn class.  Susan's gift for me for hosting.
I absolutely love it.

Sonali and I have the same print so she wrote on my leaves everyone's names.

I even printed out the menu cards, one for each table.  Carolyne would be proud!

Here is me and Sonali.  I don't know how she can run around after her little one all day and still have so much energy.  She is a spitfire.  I am so thankful to have her in my life.

These lovely ladies are my other sisters.
They are talented, lovely women whom I have known all my life.  We had a wonderful time.  
Here is my mom and Sonali.  And below are all the men in all of our lives.  
I'm glad we planned the Harvest Dinner.   Although out feet hurt, at the end of the night, we counted our blessings.  


Alexie said...

How lucky are we to have so much love around us. 30+ years of friendship that have been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Thank you Lisa for bringing us all together for so much fun!!

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