Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's in the Little things.

I had been keeping an eye on this little chair at a neighborhood antique place I always find excellent finds in.  At first I thought the chair was 40, I didn't have my glasses on.  Then I saw it was 75.  I waited about a month then put in an offer for 60 dollars.  (Hey why not right, )  They accepted my offer and I brought it home yesterday.  I'm going to replace the seat with a green velvet fabric. I only need a tiny bit so it won't be expensive.  For Christmas I'm going to hang a sweet little wreath from the ribbon I put on it.  Take a look!
Then on my birthday weekend my loving husband took me antiquing and I found this beautiful painting.  Okay, so when I was in Cape May I went to an antique store earlier in the summer and had seen the same painting.  450.00 Yikes.  I had fallen in love with it but thought that is way too much money.  Well last weekend I found the same one in better condition and better frame.  Guess?  $80.00  Yep.  Just call me the queen of whatever that word is when you bring prices down.  "Haggling"  (spell check please)
Take a look!
Although I don't have girls, I thought it could represent me and my mom.  I love it so much I can't stop looking at it.  Now I understand that it is a print and they painted over it with gloss or something.  I'm going to try and do that. My only problem is I can only print out 8 by 10's on my printer.   Those of you who know me well know my passion for printing out art photos and framing them. AC Moore has the prettiest gold frames.   They are all over my home.  No one would know it.  Okay except you guys.  Why do I reveal my secrets to my bloggers?  Well one simple reason. . . Life is too short.  Let us share the beauties and ideas that we have to make life a more pleasant place with others so that they too can find happiness and comfort "in the little things."  If I leave anything at all when I'm gone, I would like it to be that others remember me for someone who was selfless and caring and kind.  That's all I want.
And here is the finished product with alot of help from my husband, we had to use the staple gun to do the chair.
You can't see the color well though, the velvet is a mossy beautiful green.


Susan said...

What a beautiful little Victorian chair! Perfect for you, my friend.

Thanks for sharing, and some great finds as well. You did well.

love the little bow, and I'm sure I will love the color as well. You're quite the scout when it comes to deals. I like it.

shannon said...

Love the chair! I know what wreath you'll be hanging on the chair...:) I love the final picture of the chair! You did such a great job on recovering it! Your so talented...

Also, great idea for the art work! I really love that picture of the mother and daughter...

Alexie said...

What a pretty chair. The bow is so sweet. By the way, love the new blog set up but Edward up top needs to get out more...that boy puts the white in white Christmas!! I'll admit I'm not up to speed on this undead stuff but dude!!

Alexie said...

By the way, an electric staple gun changed my life. Do you have one? It makes a great sound when you shoot. It let's out my inner Rambo!!