Lovely Ladies In My Barn/ BES Barn Class

So for those of you who didn't know, when my barn was first built, Susan from Black Eyed Susan said I would love to do something in your barn.  I don't even know if she was thinking of one of her classes but I immediately opened my mouth and said, Oh how about one of your fall classes.  YIKES! Well we did and it was last night.  All day Saturday, my husband walked from the house to the barn from the barn back to the house.  Bringing, carrying, setting up, extending wires, bringing extensions.  Then he decided to buy heaters, brought heaters in set up the lights, but when we would turn on the heaters the lights would dim.  Too dim for the class.  That meant we would have to plug them in to a generator.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Anywho, we managed to get everything ready.  Susan was in NC and wasn't able to come and see so we spoke on the phone.  I needed a sign for the front to guide the 20 something women that were coming.  The class was at 630 in the evening.  630 in November, dark, dark and more darkness.  Alot of the roads around here are old farm roads that have no lights including mine.  Rob went out again and bought a lantern to put in the front and light the sign.  Then I bought mason jars and put citronella tea lights in them to light the way.  Then Rob bought path lights to light the way to the barn.  AYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!  I kept thinking the night before about a freak snow storm or hurricane and having all the ladies swimming in mud.  I would just die!
Well last night was an incredible night.  The temperature, weather, evening was perfect.  Dark but perfect.  In the front of the barn, part of the walkway is gravel.  I was so afraid someone would fall.  So I decided to escort everyone who drove in.  Rob stood out on our black driveway (I am totally serious, it was pitch black)  My spots only go one when at first the cars pull in, then it turns off.  So I stood with a lantern and waited for the ladies to come.  I felt like Laura Ingalls.
Susan and Carol, Connie and Shannon (my new Blog BFF - sorry Alexie) arrived first.  They set up everything in the barn and suddenly the barn was transformed into a flower shop.  It was incredible.  See for yourself.

Here is Shannon putting words on the leaves.  How cool was that!

Idea Alert!

The name of the class was Fall Flourish.  You could pick out a basket and make an arrangement for a centerpiece with lovely flowers, succulents, leaves, gourds, berries.  All artificial all magnificent.

These ladies couldn't have been more lovely and gracious.  All thanking me for hosting the event and hugging me when they left.  It was a joy to meet all of them.  Even my neighbor Tina came to see all the beautiful things. 

Poor Connie, she had alot to tally up.
We were so tired.  My hair frizzed, we could hardly stand up.  Susan had an all day Christmas set up.  Shannon and her carried boxes from the store to the van to my house, I must have done 20 trips over the gravel out of the barn around the garden to the carport and back to escort the ladies.  My legs were in so much pain but it was worth it.  Thanks Shannon for making me hold the camera and look sweaty and fat.  Next time you hold it.  Hee Hee.  (I cropped myself out of the photo, I looked terrible.  Yuk!  Shannon and Susan still look great at the end of the night.)


Suzanne said...

What a great event! I admire all of the work you (and your hubby) put into setting up and welcoming us. Your home and barn are so lovely!! (And the pumpkin bread was fabulous.)

Thank you so much for having us. Happy holidays!

Alexie said...

Wow! Sounds like fun. I hope you took time to enjoy after all of the hard work. I love Shannon's leaf messages. Just beautiful.
Love you, Alexie

Susan said...

What a wonderful post! I thought the event was the perfect end to a crazy day,I absolutely loved loved loved the barn (and you..and Rob...)!

So much work on both of your parts! It was utterly delightful, and the refreshments were equally divine.

I must admit, I could barely walk from my car to my bedroom, and I fell straight into bed. Thanks for a wonderful evening with the perfect host and hostess!

I love that barn.

AntiqueChase said...

Oh my I just love this entire concept... please may I come next year??LOL

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