November, Sweet November

I absolutely love November.  It is my favorite month next to December.  I was born on this month, I was married and Thanksgiving is in it.  And most of all, I start decorating for Christmas at the end of November.
This November I have a lot to do.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but a good overwhelmed.
Things to do in November:
   Re-do my downstairs 1/2 bathroom.  . . . . . .  .Done!
         I went to my dear friend KC's home.  A lovely home and fell in love with her bathroom color.  I totally copied.  100percent but I did ask her what the color was.  (You'll never know)  My husband painted it for me and I added the few hooks and nails.  (Shhh he hasn't noticed yet)
I love this little wall.  I printed out black and white and sepia tone bird pics and framed them.  Ta Da!
In this bottom frame I placed a little beautiful tag that came on (believe it or not) a blouse I bought.  It was so beautiful and vintagey that I thought, I'm gonna keep this and find a frame for it.  Love it!

2. Thing to do in November:   Host a Barn class in my barn.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Like I had to do that?  It is on Monday the 22nd and I'm excited but I have a lot to do outside before 20 or so women come for the class.
a. Make Barn sign for mailbox.
b. Get three tables prepared for the class so that the women can work on them.
c. Rent Heaters. 

3. Having a Harvest Dinner for my Sisters. (The Saturday after Thanksgiving)
All together the total is 30 people.  I have decided that we are all going to have a sit down dinner together.  
a. Rented 4 tables and chairs.
b. Selected a color theme:  Pumpkin
c. Bought material and burlap for runners.

4. Things to do in November:  Find Dark Grey Christmas Balls.  It's so hard not to think of Christmas and I don't want anything to take away from Thanksgiving but to me they are connected anyway.  They are both spiritual holidays.  There is so much that I am thankful for.  
But I have alot of work to do.
5.  Work, Work, Work daily with my editor.  


shannon said...

Love your new header...it cracks me up how you super-impose yourself into these twilight scenes...

You better start getting the turkey thawed so it will be ready in time for the dinner that will be served after the barn demonstration...tee hee...

Can't wait...it will be so much fun to be in a new venue...

I'm freaking out because I've got to take over for Susan's class this coming Thursday!!! I'm feeling sick just thinking about it! I hope no one will be dissapointed when they find out it's just me teaching it and not Susan! Maybe she'll let me wear that gorgeous skirt that she wore for the first peek at Christmas...
(It would probably fit on my thumb!)

Victoria Mixon said...

Now, I was reading this whole list thinking, "Mmhmm, Lisa, and where are P&M?" And then I saw #5. I should have known you wouldn't forget them.

Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

I have some ornaments in the gray family! Remember the year before last, I had an entire story around charcoal and persimmon!!!

Come see what I have, you may be able to use them as a base!

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