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On Nov 9th Carolyne Roehm's 10th book was in bookstores.  My husband had pre-ordered it so that I could have it for my birtthday.  Anything this woman has ever written or done I pretty much have.  She has been one of my mentors for about ten years.  In fashion, in decor and most of all in gardening.  

The book showcases three of her homes with an emphasis on this one, my favorite.  WEATHERSTONE.  The house had burnt down completely leaving only the stone wall structures in the early 90's.  The house dates back to the late 1700's.  The book shows how they restored the home. ( After going there I named my house PINEROWE, which my sons say it sounds like an old age home)  All Homes should have names.  Anyway, I was lucky enough to have gone to visit Weatherstone three times with my husband for garden events.  I have posted about Carolyne many times before.  So regardless to say, I was anticipating the release of this book.  
Here I am at Weatherstone.
Can you say Stalker?  Here I am on her porch and white tulip garden.

I must be honest.  As much as I love it, I don't love it as much as I do the older books.  I wanted more about dear Weatherstone, the house I fell in love with a few years ago.  The house that I have blatantly copied/stolen so many things from.  My kitchen- totally copied from Carolyne's.  My garden, my outdoor furniture, my love for blue and white, and my love for gingham (although I have loved gingham since I was a little girl)  I still recommend it highly but I wanted to see more of the before and after pics of the fire and the surroundings.  She focused more on architecture and grandeur in detail of scale and influences from the french and the greeks.  I like Carolyne's more simpler side.  My favorite book of all is At Home With Carolyne Roehm.  
I did make a recommendation via e-mail to her assistant.  I'm hoping and I know Lisa is too, that she takes me seriously.  I asked her to title her next book. . . A Passion For Christmas (which she has one )


shannon said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never heard of Carolyne Roehm...
Yikes! How is this possible?!

This place is gorgeous! I'm totally drooling!

I'm going to have to check out At Home With Carolyne Roehm...

Susan said...

I too, am a big Carolyne Roehm fan! I have most of her books and find inspiration within the pages.I previewed this new book at the last market, but it just a prototype.

I'll have to look at yours to see if it is a keeper for me!

See you soon!

Alexie said...

Hello love,
I really need to re-enter the "blogoshere". Your blog is inspiring me to catch up. With this being my first Christmas at the house (remember last year I moved in just 4 weeks before Christmas) I am trying to expand my Christmas decorating. I love the idea of planning color schemes for each room. I want to do another tree in my dining room this year :) Also, if you have suggestions for good book on planning a garden let me know. I really need to start planning that for this spring as well. I love you and can't wait to see you next week. PS..Tell Shanon I love her and her blog also : ) She is like my blog BFF even though I don't know her. xxoo

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