Susan's 2010 Christmas Unveiling

Okay so every year my friend Lisa, KC and I count down the days to Susan Taylor's store's Christmas Events and Fall Classes.  Nov 4th was the night her new store (new location) was going to launch the new Christmas decor/ideas themes etc.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  I was actually sad because my dear friend KC had to work late and was unable to attend the event.  The day was rainy and dreary and cold and I had at least 30 things to do yesterday before 6pm when I was meeting Lisa to leave for Susan's store.
I don't know how I got through the day but I did.  And it was worth it.  Below are endless photos of the event at Black Eyed Susan's.
Enjoy!  Here I am with Lisa and Susan at the end of the night.  My bags are on the floor.  I look awful.  Bad rainy night, bad hair, had to use my trusty baseball cap.  Yikes.
The store was booming!  Here is Susan doing what she loves most.  Teaching!
Look at the store from the outside.  Magnificent.  It was pouring when we left so I was getting rained on as I snapped a few pics outside.
Oh My Gosh!

Here is my new blog/friend Shannon "Ducks in a row" designing something beautiful.
This looked spectacular in person.  It just yells Winter!
I want to say there were 8 or 9 trees in total over 8 feet high.  This was the red and silver tree.  Breathtaking with tiny sparkly ornaments.
This was my favorite.  It was brown and copper and glittery.
This one was white, grey, light blue and dreamy.
This one was pink with velvety pink doves and lovely fancy glittery dresses.
These were the two sister trees, white with lovely green, see in basket.
Last but not least, but it's too much to blog, this was my favorite wreath.  I'm gonna make one.  
Gotta love silver spray paint!


Suzanne said...

Great pics, Lee! Oh, it was so nice to see you (and you never look bad in your hat). Thank you for the "ticket" too. For that I am sooo grateful!

Some of my favorites in the store that night were: 1.) Susan's skirt and shoes!! and 2.) The large brown and gold acorn ornaments. I better go back and grab a few before they're gone.

I can't believe I didn't go upstairs..again.

See you soon. xoxo

Suzanne said...

P.S. I just figured out why your emails didn't get to me! I had a typo in the address. Sigh and so sorry!! no "e" at the end of suziemaus. suziemaus@gmail.com

shannon said...

It really is quite spectacular in there, isn't it?! And that skirt of hers?!!! Seriously??? Could you just die?

Who is that goose with 8 chins in that one picture? Good grief...all of the Halloween candy I've been gorging on hasn't been kind to my jowls...!

It was so nice to see you and to meet your friend, Lisa...

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