The Battle Of The Trees. . . And the winner is? Lisa with 8!

So remember how I blogged about Me and My friend Lisa and our obsession with Christmas and decorating for Christmas.  Well we finally finished.  After endless trips to Black Eyed Susan's, Feeneys, Michaels and Joannes, we are finished.  Lisa came over last night to see my decorations and tonight I went to see hers.  I asked her if it were okay to blog about it and she said yes.
This is Lisa's formal tree.  It is filled with Magnolias and golden ornaments and ribbon.  Lovely.

Her dinning room trees are lovely mirror images covered in burgundy poinsettias and  ornaments.  

Her formal Living room sparkles with the lights from the Magnolia Tree.

I just love him.  He is her little pig in the kitchen.  He was already for the holidays dressed in his matching burgundy kerchief and holding his greens.

Lisa's Family room was warm and inviting with kugels and greens displayed on the mantle and hearth.

My friend is very talented.  Inspired by this lovely Ethan Allen Vase she created this lovely flower arrangement, perfect for the formal living room.

My favorite spot was her front entrance stairway.  Adorned with three miniature trees all decked out in their burgundy and gold ornaments and generous greens cascading down her staircase.  The hues were warm and elegantly done.  Thanks Lisa for letting me blog about it.  Jeff, I guess I owe you . . . 8 photos times 50 bucks a piece equals. . . NOT!!!
This is my family room mantle.  How much do I love this fireplace.  It is our favorite room where we nest, relax, unwind.  But it's Christmas and at night when all the other lights are out, I want it to look magical and sparkle.  It think I achieved that.  I love my glittery reindeer.
My Dinning Room tree is a Frontgate pencil tree that is covered in crystal drops resembling my chandelier.  I love it's look.  It doesn't need anything else.
The sunroom is divided by french doors on the other side of the dinning room.  I placed a simple tree with just white lights.

My white tree in the formal living room reminds me of snow.
On Saturday we go out in search of our real family tree.  I adorn that one with all our favorite ornaments and place it in our family room.  Although I love all my trees.  That one is always our Christmas Tree.


Alexie said...

Okay yesterday's blog showed 43 boxes in your kitchen. How on earth did you do that so fast!! Just beautiful. I love your mantle and your dining room is my personal favorite. Please tell Lisa that I loved the pics. Just beautiful. I will miss seeing her and Jeff this year.

Suzanne said...

Both homes are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing Lisa's photos, too. 8 trees? I'll be lucky if I get my one up. Thank goodness for friends, bloggers and the internet...I can live a more decorated Christmas through all of you! ;-)
P.S. Impossible to pick a favorite here, but crystal drops on the dining room tree...gorgeous. Your mantel...just stunning!

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