"A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever" John Keats

I've always loved this quote.  There are so many beautiful things that truly bring me joy just by looking at them.

For instance, my favorite little florist in our town.  I think it is too sweet.  I love how the window sparkles for Christmas.  It is so lovely and full of Christmas lights.  Every Tuesday night and Thursday night when we have music lessons, or anytime I go to Starbucks to get my coffee, I have to look at it across the street.  It is charming.
I know I said things but these two little places for me are just too precious not to blog about them.  We have this small, quaint little used book and record shop that has been here longer than I can imagine.  It is 
one of those sweet little shops that when you walk in you are instantly transferred to another time.  I always feel like I am twelve years old walking through the store.  It is lovely.  The window is sparkling with lights and it reminds me of the little bookstore in the movie, You've Got Mail.  
This is what the face looks like.
This clock dates back to the 1800's.  It plays Christmas music throughout the night during Christmas.  I love it so.  It is right across the street from our Starbucks.
I'm so mad this photo came out so blurry.  There are rows and rows of beautiful historic stone homes and they are all glowing from within with candles in the window and trees lit that you can see.  It is simply magical.  


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