To Market, To Market, To buy a fresh pig, home again, home again, jiggidy jigg.

 That was the day I had yesterday.  I was running around.  Do you ever feel like your trying to jam a million things in one day.  That's what I did yesterday, although it was quite rewarding when I finally went to bed.
Schedule:  6 am woke up and got took Matt to bus.
                  9 am went to market for more unsalted butter
                  9:30am attempt to take Wally and Rudy's photo with cute hats for blog
                  9:45 am finished my doughs from the day before
                10:30 am Took my mom to the Mall
                 1:00 Started baking the rest of my cookies and dinner
                1:40 Start working with the Cookie boxes getting them ready for delivery
                 2:00 OD on cranberry gingerale (The greatest drink ever.  You hear that Susan and Denise,
it's festive and not nasty tasting like coke zero.)
                3:00 Still Baking
                3:30 Start icing my christmas trees
                4:00 Dinner (shove a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry gingerale)
                 4:45 Take Matt to Guitar Lesson
                 5:30 Quicky stop at Starbucks for an evening Latte
                 5:45 Return home for a few more cookies to ice.
                 6:00 Get ready for Christmas design Class at BES with KC
                 8:30 Return home/ Walk the dogs/ put them to bed and work on cookies and cookie boxes
               11:30 pm clean up the kitchen
               11:58 put laundry away that has been sitting in the basket for a day.
               12:30 Nitey Nite.
Wally being bad.
Some of my cookie boxes.

My pretty Christmas Tree all Iced and ready to go.

KC standing next to one of Susan's Magnificent Urns with fresh greens.

Lovely mirror used as a tray.  They all were magical.

I bought this little fellow.  I loved that he was a vintage looking Santa.  And the tree too.  It is simply precious.

Instead of putting him on a silver tray I placed him in my little bathroom.  I put some greens and I think he looks lovely.

I also bought him.  This little topiary that I got with this lovely blue and white (Carolyne would be proud) planter that matches my blue and white theme.  I loved it.  It felt like a crazy day but I enjoyed everything about it.  Look how pretty the blue and white stands out with the cups in the cupboard.


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