Where Are You Christmas?

This photo was taken two years ago during the snow.
Although my house was decorated since last week, in reality it's not really Christmas until my family finds our Christmas Tree.  Every year we go across the road to our local Christmas Tree Farm.  In my opinion the most beautiful one ever!
It's just so magical here.  I love coming and it's right across the road from my home.  The owner offered Matt a job for next Winter.  KC's son's have worked here for many years and hopefully Matt will too.
Here is Matt once again selecting the best tree in the lot.

Here I am with Matt.  I just realized that every Christmas I wear my same favorite coat.
After getting a fresh cut on the bottom, loading the tree on the top of our car and bringing it inside, I began decorating it.  I am very pleased with the end result.  I decided to pull it away from my fireplace and my devil TV that drains the room of all air and placed the tree in front of my opening.  So we have to walk around.  They'll get used to it.

Although our Christmas this year is a sad one, I am comforted by the signs of Christmas in every room to help me to heal and feel the Spirit of the new born Jesus throughout my home.


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