Things I Did This Summer

Here is my list of things I did this summer that made my summer. . .
l. Made and ate Fried Green Tomatoes from my garden.  Last year Rob and I took a trip to The Outer Banks.  We called it the Nicholas Sparks Tour.  (I blogged about it, you can read about it in the blog archives) Well our first stop was New Bern, NC.  The home of Nicholas Sparks.  We went to dinner at The Chelsea in New Bern.  I recommend it highly.  Being the Southern Belle wanna be that I am, I had to have the fried green tomatoes on the menu.  I was smitten.  A few days after I picked some green tomatoes from my garden and started experimenting.  I love to try and figure out recipes.  The chef had incorporated the best tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and a basil and something toping that was to die for.  I took a chance and called the restaurant.  The chef came on the phone when he found out how smitten I was with his tomatoes.  He said he couldn't give me the recipe but wanted me to guess what was in it and he would yes or no me.  Well I guessed everything right up to the topping.  He then so kindly said it was a basil and pear infusion.  MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!  That was it!  Pear!
Well I poached a pear, blended it with my already puree of fresh basil and wholla!  It was perfection.
I must have made them 6 or 7 times this summer.  My friend Nancy says evey time I tell her that I made them and describe them she says "Wow that's fancy!"  It maybe but the result is heaven.
So I thought y'all might want my recipe.  But remember if your ever in New Bern you must go!
You will need:  Green tomatoes (they must feel hard, right off the plant)
                          1/2 cup of flour plus 1/2 cup of cornmeal (mix together with plenty of salt and pepper)
                           I use coarse salt for everything and he said use plenty not a pinch but a few of salt
                           That's the dry mix
                The wet mix:  One egg/1/4 cup of milk or a bit more/2 tbs of butter melted (or use buttermilk)
                                       Then Dip and Fry
                Then you will need fresh Mozzarella (Not that horrid packaged thing they call mozzarella)  
                Pured Basil and a poached pair  blend together pear and basil puree in cuisinart.  Half a pear to
                1 tbs of basil.  Then take fried tomatoe, top with slice of mozzarella, let it melt a bit or nuk it so it will a bit and then teaspoon of your basil and pear puree.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!
2. Took walks with my dogs in my yard.  Lots, a few times a day.
3. Searched for sea glass
4. Tried to be as much outside as possible.
5. Stayed away from television, only at night in bed (my spanish soap opera that I started watching with my mom)
6. Played parchesee, Badmitton, clue, monopoly, marbles, and of course madden with Matt
7. Worked on my book/Still working
8. Enjoyed doing nothing just sitting on the beach or on my deck or on the porch when I could.
9. Listened to the Cacadas (my fav sound of the summer)
10. Waited for the fireflies to go inside.

Hate That It's Over!

I have a hard time with ending things.  (Always have)  Today was My Matthew's first day of High School.
He had to get on the bus at 6:40 in the morning and he won't be back home until close to 6pm.  I miss him so much.  He made the soccer team so he has to stay after every day.  Today was bittersweet for me.  But I look forward to his return home to hear all about this day.  A woman at the market today said, "I'm excited! my kids are gone.  This is my favorite day!"  I looked at her, didn't even smile and told the woman behind me "Well I love my kids."  I hate to hear people talk like that.  Why'd you have kids then?  Am I right?


Counting Down Till The Last Days. . . Of Summer

Productive day at the beach,  View from my legs.
My feet     

Found all the pieces of sea glass right at the cove.  

Rob reading.

Different view from my legs.
Productive Day. 


Done! Final Post On Barn

This is a table that they made for me for inside projects and flower arranging.  I always wanted a good work space for potting plants and making wreaths.  I love it.  The picture is deceiving.  I can't move this table.  It is extremely heavy and solid and beautiful.  I shall cherish it always.  Steve delivered it when they brought the cupola.  We just have to paint the cupola white below the copper top and we are done.  


Barn is Painted!

The Barn was painted white on Saturday.  They guys were very fast.  They were not Amish but they specialized in barns built by them and they were referred to me by Steve who worked on the Barn.  All that is left is the cupola which I put a few pics above to give you an idea of what it looks like.  Rob made this cross out of our own tree branches.  I wanted an old rustic looking cross upstairs in the loft.  When I go upstairs it has a chapel feeling for some reason so I told him I wanted to make a cross.  We hung it up yesterday so that God will live there.  
I bought two myrtles and planted them by the barn.  One in Purple (my favorite color) and one in Red.  

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