Harvest Day and Pillow talk

So every September, Yardley PA does a beautiful Harvest Day.  Street vendors, kettle corn, live music, jewelry, scented soaps, and plenty of food grilled by our own firemen.  It's a fun day.  I went this year and it was a perfect day.  Sunny and 89 degrees, felt like 95 actually.  One thing was missing though, Black Eyed Susan's on the corner.  It wasn't the same without an evening stop at one of my favorite shops.

I love this view of the yellow house on the lake.

I love pillows.  Little pillows to especially.  There was a woman who bought remnants from fabrics like Waverly, Ralph Lauren, etc and she was a genius.  She had dozens of rectangular pillows that she had beautifully sewn with a pocket pattern.  Do you know what I mean by that?  That you could literally just slip the already stuffed pillow inside and it was done.  Well she was selling them for $25.00 to $30.00.  They were absolutely gorgeous!  I should have bought 20 of them.  Well I bought one for my mom's bed.  She had a bag filled with small pillows they sell at Joanne's that you buy to cover.  Well you would pick your pillow and whallah? (spell check on whallah) It was stuffed and ready to place on your favorite chair or couch, settee or bed.  Genius!
Here's a picture of my mom's pillow.

My love for small pillows.  Here are all my little pillows in my living room and kitchen. 


Paula and Bubbles!

So I love Paula Dean.  I have gone to Savanna and have had dinner twice at The Lady And Sons.  It is fabulous.  One of my favorite desserts is her simple peach cobbler.  I decided to make it today with some fresh peaches I found at the market.
I have made this many times before.  It truly is a "No Brainer" and it tastes like sweet comfort.
Paula has a friend named Bubbles and she says they love to eat this dessert all the time.
My friend Dawn says we are like them.  (Without the white hair )  Anyway, I decided to post the recipe so you can make it too.  I promise its a cinch! (spell check on cinch)
Hope you try it.  You will adore it!  Like Paula and Bubbles.


Fun Saturday Morning/ Productive Saturday Afternoon

So for those of you who get BES's announcements for her classes and special events.  Well, today was her Paris street sale,  Susan goes to Paris a few times a year and brings back amazing things for her store.  My husband took me this morning after we did a Starbucks run and we went to see the goodies.
(All this after we got home at 2am from a wedding in manhattan which (side note to the side note) I brought my camera to without a battery.  Ding Ding!!!! Do not pass Go, and do not collect 200 dollars.)
I of course did not think about bringing my camera and I should have.  But when Susan posts pictures of today's events I promise I will blog napp them from her blog and put them on mine.  (I'm wanted by the blog police for doing that constantly) Anywho I bought beautiful things, just 2 but they were good buys.

Okay so for those of you who haven't been to my house, I have a lovely chocolate velvet sofa from EA that my dear friend KC helped me pick out.  I love it.  Not only does it look beautiful, but it's perfect for napping with a throw or watching a scary movie.  Listen I love nice things but if I can't be comfortable in them I don't want them.  Rob found this lamp today and it now my fav.  Look at the inside!  Does that yell Susan or what? The outside is Chocolate.  Love it!
Okay, so I've always loved sheep.  My favorite vision is of Jesus as the shepherd and I love the metaphor of the sheep being us.  I had picked up the bottom two paintings last year sometime and today I found the lovely little sheep at Susan's.  Now I actually had 3 but Susan took one back for SHANNON (If you're reading this Miss Ducks in a Row, I gladly surrendered one of mine because Susan told me you wanted one.  Shannon has a lovely family and a lovely blog called Ducks in a Row.  Check it out.

Okay now I probably shouldn't blog about this but (excuse the door I need to retouch it ) A year ago I went crazy painting alot of things black including my side door under my carport.  I absolutely loved the outcome.  Well I was in search of a new wreath.  I fell in love with one that looked just like this at Susan's but didn't get hers because someone had it on hold.  Found this one on my own somewhere else and bought it.  Doesn't it just yell Autumn, hot tea, comfort food, leaves, warm fire, halloween and warm wooly sweaters?
That's what I hear.  
Now I might be hosting a class with Susan this Fall.  Not for sure but hopefully it will work out.  Where did you say it is?  In my BARN!!!!!!!!!!!!  How fun will that be huh?  I promise I will post something if it happens.  So that all who would like to come can come.  I'm excited!  
When I got home from the BES sale I decided to tackle a project on my on-going list.  Paint my rockers.

These have been my trusty rockers for years.  But they are white and grab every dust particle, airborne grass and mulch stain and dirt you can imagine.  I was thinking!  Why not paint them. . . . . . . . 


Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Closet!!!

Closet number 1, not my closet.  Neither is 2, 3 or 4.  So I have been in closet mode for the past week taking out my fall clothes because it has been a bit nippy out.  Most of my things are in Space bags which I believe are not the greatest thing since Pez.  Your stuff never shrinks down like it says.  If I am going to space bag I want to see my 5 winter coats, 8 corduroys, 2 fleece robes and down comforter shrink down to the size of a box of cigarettes.  Is that too much to ask for?
Well one thing that helps closets shrink down a bit is these new velvet hangers from Bed bath and beyond.  You totally can squeeze 100 hanging items in your closet with these hangers and it is equivalent to 10 regular bulky plastic ones.  (Okay so I like to exaggerate, so sue me)
My closet is so small.  I have all of my things on the bottom and all of Rob's things on the top.  You think he would notice if every day I accidentally and carefully removed one item and put it in a convenient place like in his car or something.  Would he notice?


Goodbye My Summer, I shall mourn for you until we meet again.

I had to check on things at our house at the shore.  We had an irrigation problem and had people working on it.  We had lost most of our grass and plants due to a extremely hot summer and drought.
Thankfully all was done.  (Something is definitely wrong with my camera.  The photos are coming out with very little color.  I'm going to have to ask Santa for a new one.)
We had inherited a gorgeous garden at the shore.  I had not wanted one since all I do is tend to my garden at home but I couldn't say no.  Well if the past owner ever passes by he will have a heart attack to see that the hydrangeas are all cut down but they were burnt to a crisp.  The second picture is what the garden was like before they all burnt.  But with a little love hopefully they will grow again.
While I was there I purchased her.  Isn't she beautiful!  I fell in love with her in the beginning of the summer.  We have five or 6 new charming little stores that have opened up in Cape May all walking distance from my house.  I saw her and loved it.  I waited all summer and then forgot about it.  A few nights ago when we went to check on the house and the irrigation and plants we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Tishas.  As we sat eating dinner I could see the store and walked in shortly after dessert.  There she was and with a ten percent discount.  Kaching!!!!!!!!!  I brought her home and now she is in my bedroom.
We left the shore knowing that, although we go back a few times a month to check on things or have a little overnight or weekend trip, it won't be the same.  The days have shortened, the darkness has crept in, the sweaters are worn and the tans are all fading away.  The breeze whispers colder days and the leaves are changing.  All part of the changes of time.  Changes that I always have trouble with letting go.
I shall miss the sand beneath my fee.  I shall miss the heat of the sun on my back.  The sounds of the waves will haunt me and an occasional coo of a gull will bring me back to the beach where I feel most alive.  Every day that goes by is time that I spend away from the beach and every day my thoughts will be far away until I can be there again.


Autumn Wreath Time

I went to Susan's Store today and was mesmerized by all her beautiful wreaths.  I was inspired.  So I went home and made this one for my door.  Although my door is Crimson Red, I thought the colors I picked worked well.
Have you dressed your door for the Fall yet?

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