Editing and Editing!

Who knew editing would be as much work as writing the book in the first place?  There I was so cocky thinking I was done.  Thankfully I found and editor, my sweet Victoria, who has been so patient with me and has pushed me to dig dig and dig for more.  Just when I thought I couldn't she showed me that I could.  We are at the home stretch here, almost at the finish line.  Although I loathe sports metaphors I believe it is quite fitting at the moment.  
Page after page, word after word, I pray this will pay off and my book will be published.  Until then I am still working.  It's so exciting and rewarding to see these fictional characters become tangible on paper as is in my psyche.  I just pray that they become household names and characters in readers psyches as well.  
Names like Scarlett and Mr. Darcy, Heathcliff and Joe from Little women.  Names that conjure vivid pictures in our minds because of the great descriptions and portrayal in great novels.  Who knows?


Alexie said...

Just love the new blog design. So pretty as is that photo of you lovely. So excited about the book. Enjoy the process as much as the final product. I always finds that, when I look back, I learn as much from the journey as I do the destination!.
I love you :)

Susan said...

I am chiming in with Alexie...love the new banner, and it's NOT distracting with moving shots of Edward!!! Yea! Now,I think your book will be a success!!! tee hee.

And yes, that photo of you is just plain beautiful and engaging.

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