Getting the Blue's . . . Mary Carol's style

"Getting the “blues” is generally considered a bad thing. But I have to admit, any mention of the wordblue makes me smile because blue is my favorite color. Up until a few years ago, my heart belonged to green. And while green and I are still the best of friends, I am now head over heels in love with blue and use a liberal amount of it in my decorating. If you would like to sing the blues with me this winter, here are some ideas for working this wonderful color into your décor."  This was Mary Carol Garrity's Nell HIll blog post for today.  This is how she began it.  
How much do I love when someone I admire does something that I do as well.  It reaffirms your decision making and validates your attempts at design when a "real designer" is doing something similar to what you already have.  I love it.  Below are a few photo's of her posts and things that I have already.  Funny how she said her heart belongs to blue but it had belonged to green.  Those are the two colors that circulate my home.  I just picked strong greens for the new addition "the study" as well.  
I want to almost toot my own horn and say "Great minds think alike" but I know that would be extremely false.
Below are photos from Mary Carol Garrity's home and store.  Notice her love for that Navy Blue.  Huh!

Now below are my photos from my decor.  Have had this for a while before I even knew who Mary Carol Garrity was.  Thanks to my dear friend Lisa  from "MyOwnPlace" blog,  who introduced me to Her Christmas book, I was done ever since.  

So there is my take on "Getting the Blue's." . .  Lisa Style.


Susan said...

Perfectly delightful.

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